TaylorMade RSi TP Forged Irons Review

TaylorMade RSi TP Forged Irons Review
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17 thoughts on “TaylorMade RSi TP Forged Irons Review

  1. +Rick Shiels PGA Good review, they look pretty good, seem to do what they
    should shot wise ….. got yours & new daughters name on them … got to go
    in the bag … surely …… ;)

  2. Rick surely they go roughly the same distance as the S55s? Better looking?
    No way 🙂 You got to do a match up 3 iron s55 vs TM and 7 iron S55 vs TM.

  3. I think your GC2 is somehow wrong on a few things. The first shot with the
    7 iron was at 103mph club head speed. And the other ones were at 93.
    And with the 3 iron which should be faster because of the length you only
    had 99mph. So I guess there has to be something wrong with the first
    measurement of the 7 iron.
    Also I think the 3 iron is going way to low. 

  4. Hey Rick I have a loaded question for you. Your very fortunate to be able
    to review new clubs as they come out, however with all the new clubs that
    are on the market, what keeps you from changing your clubs every month,
    aside from money. Also you might have covered this in the Monday night
    video but realistically when is the best time to upgrade your clubs and
    make the investment in getting fitted? 

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