Robin Williams Standup – Golf (full version)

Robin Williams puts on one of the funniest golf standup comedy skits we have heard. Golf is understood to be difficult enough that we can all joke on each other and our selves. Check out more at

36 thoughts on “Robin Williams Standup – Golf (full version)

  1. I love watching all of his greatest stand up appearances, but I hate all of
    this unwanted hate that is down in the comments. No body cares what you
    think about where suicide will take you. Stop deliberately trying to get
    all of his fans mad.

  2. He was so hilarious and off the wall with his comedy, yet a very sensitive,
    caring person and an extremely talented actor. His routines and
    performances will live on for generations and continue to make people
    laugh. He was the best.

  3. I’m watching this to remind myself what he should always be remembered for!
    The word legend is used too much, but for the happiness he brought the
    world its justified.

  4. Sometimes, those who are the most-genius are also the most-tortured. I
    never had the opportunity to see one of his live performances, or meet him,
    but he seemed, to me, to be a kind, caring, thoughtful human being above
    all else. Beyond his comedy routines were the good deeds that he did for
    others. That’s what I loved about him. He wasn’t pretentious. He was
    open, approachable and honest. Perhaps he was just ‘spent’ with all the
    emotion he poured out all the time. I feel for his family. I hope they
    understand that this was his struggle and, although they loved him, it was
    up to him to pull through, or give in. I guess he was just tired of the
    good fight. God speed, Robin Williams. You were one of a kind and so very
    loved by so very many. 

  5. Think of what Robin Williams gave to the world. Also now it is known that
    he had the beginning of Parkinson’s. A very debilitating disease. Both my
    father and step dad died from it. And of course, if you don’t know about
    depression, suicide is an easy way out. It takes guts and a well thought
    out plan. I almost did it and had I not been going to a therapist I would
    have done the dirty deed myself.

  6. Depression is not a joke ! It’s a real illness that doesn’t discriminate.
    No amount of money or fame can fix it. The funniest man on earth couldn’t
    just “think positive” and be healed. Support those who are battling
    depression, and other mental health issues. It takes lives ! RIP Robin
    Williams <3

  7. Golf is a strange game.
    The caddy, is like a person who can tell
    how far away the ball, or target (“hole”) is.
    And so, serves as an adviser, to the golfer,
    who apparently cannot see as well as the
    caddy can.
    But perhaps, they are both blind.
    The marriage, the company, the economy, the
    kids,… what ought they be paying attention to?
    The patient?

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