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This video is about how to stop hitting behind the ball in golf. For more golf tips and drills please make sure to check out For more golf lessons and instructions please click the “Show More” button below.







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Scratch Golf Academy says:

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🐿️ Squirrel7386 says:

I subscribed. Gosh I needed this.

Cougar Gray says:

Just starting to play golf (played 3 rounds ever at age 37) so this is something I plan to put into practice. Thank you!

BestuseofATP says:

Golf is one of those sports that is way more difficult than it needs to be because of pretentious old ingrained “standards.” Why not just design irons to be more shallow from the get go? The “pro” standard for a swing would be much simpler and look completely different. For example, a regular basketball is harder to use for women; so what is the standard? A smaller ball for the WNBA. Simple.

BXY1Z says:

This really helped me, thank you!

Jdhf Hdjdn says:

Didn’t work at driving range , must be me

Michael Hull says:

Fantastic helped from the first stroke thank you

Owen Hensley says:

Thanks for the help it really works👍👍

Robert Hubbard says:

Adam is the only one that shows why you really need to contact the ball with a forward leaning shaft. It's so obvious but nobody else is making this simple point: you are hitting BELOW the sweet spot designed into irons if you don't. Period. Too obvious for others to mention? (Look at his Irons #3 video.)

Labinot Bejtullahu says:

I'm playing Golf in my Oculus Quest 2. I'm good w the driver and putter, but my Iron kept going to the moon lol. Now I know why. Thank you Sir!

Nathan Frisby says:

I have got in a rut of trying to hard at swinging with my weight on back foot. Thanks for the straight forward tips.

Steve Alexander says:

“It’s the club designer’s job to get the ball in the air.” Great point. It’s one less thing to think about

Rocco johnson says:

Best advice I've been given is:
– if your driving, aim behind the ball.
– if your using irons, aim in front of the ball.
Prior to this I always just tried to smack the ball.

Steven says:

I'm 6' 5 I don't have an iron yet. The ones at the course are way too small. Can I get a fitted one

Krs J says:

I am watching from Thailand. Love the way you explain so simple and clear. My problem is quite chronic and annoying me so much is the right arms pulling the down swing like it is the trail arm. I have been trying so hard but cannot do so well. Any suggestion for the novice like me?

Villarreal Marta says:

Great insights again Adam

Michael Garcia says:

This video saved me so much money, thank you so much!

Andy Reifert says:

Love this guy! Finally started hitting my irons! I’m excited about golfing again.😊🙏🏻

Atul Golani says:

Excellent way to make beginners to understand the basic concept

Real Libertarian says:

Great video! Love it

Marian Sowinski says:

Beginning golfer at 63 years old. What steps should I take not to develop bad habits? Thanks in advance for your help.

Our Special Needs Children (p) says:

Today is the first time I tried these technics with my irons and I have to say after the first flub shot, my iron play was excellent. I had 3 birdie attempts on 2 par 3s and 1 par 4. I missed them all but for me to get 3 pars in a round is exceptional. I only played 9 holes. The downside is my drivers were all over the place so need that video next. lol

Christian Ouimet says:

The purpose of an iron 7 or 8 is to give the ball elevation and land it solidely on the green. For the level of contact with ball you are talking about you should use a 1 to 3 iron and thus not modify the technic of hitting the ball.

Jonathan says:

This was so helpful!! In the space of 20 minutes, I went from barely hitting the ball with my irons, to making contact so much more consistently, and I hit a 9 iron within 10 feet!! (Now the putting needs the work 😄). All this from only watching half of the video, thanks again!!

Jack Sports says:

thank you so much i was doing great on my irons but then i was doing trash and this helped me improve my score by so much thank you!!!!

Knsel1 says:

I know this video is five years old, but I just started playing and I have to say the simplicity of explaining how to hit the ball , as well as using auxiliary tools (i.e. hammer) to visualize, it really helps remember the technique when in golf course. Very practical in your teaching approach, and very helpful! Thanks for great vids!

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