Student PURES His Irons In 20 Minutes With This Golf Lesson!

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This week I had an unbelievable lesson with my student Luka. Luka came with zero confidence, pretty much shanking every golf shot! Within 20 minutes, the changes I introduced made a huge difference to Lukas golf swing that lead to going from shanks to consistently during his irons.

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Meandmygolf says:

Hi guys, really hope you enjoyed the video. Some great work from Luka there, simply had to share it with you guys seeing how quickly he was making the improvements. 

Now Luka will obviously be working on that now and I am imagine you will all be working on things yourself. Please let us know what this is and if we can, we would love to help🏌🏻‍♂👍

Ben Nicholls says:

I can't hit driver. Either becomes a weapon of destruction for anyone nearby or has a severe low hook to the left.

Nicholas Garza says:

spring forward around the corner…time to start binging meandmygolf videos again!

aimb4ushoot dbl.g says:

My problem is topping. The golf ball. Switching from. Iron to iron. 7 to 4. Or 3. I get close to the. Green and screw up using. The pitching wedge… keep the videos coming. . Great info.

tjnelson75 says:

Absolute inconsistent ability to swing through the ball. Hip turn is no where and I cannot seem to correct it.

Nicko Z says:

Hey guys, your videos have been such a massive help for me.
My biggest issue is still feel when alternating between driver/long irons and then having to adjust to the short irons. I seem to either cramp myself or overstretch.

Alexander Collyer says:

Flat on the way back (with the right hand even coming off the grip a bit) and so a slightly over the top downswing causing pull fade / straight pulls… What is the feel to steepen the backswing correctly?

Jonathan Lambert says:

Would I be right in thinking. Unless you can ping the ball off the face while doing little practice swings, trying anything more would be pointless

David Mancini says:

I'm very new to golf, started July of 22. I've finally figured out how to hit my driver straight most of the time and it goes between 180-210 for distance. Have you guys done a video on drills to increase driver distance? If I was going to buy a single training device. Any recommendations?

Mark W says:

love the video and the steps to improve . Low confidence in bunker play. can you help please

John Merrett says:

I'm a beginner and had a lesson and few rounds. I'm happy with the distance but I'm struggling to stop the ball going off to the right. I've adjusted grip and the direction my face is pointing but with no joy.

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