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If you're wondering how to hit your irons pure, I have a simple drill for you. Literally, within 10 minutes of doing this drill you'll be striking your irons more solidly and consistently than ever.

Please visit the link below and I will send you free samples from my Body Swing book and video series:

So many people struggle when hitting irons which is costing them a ton of shots. This drill is not about hitting down on the ball. It is not about forward shaft lean through impact. It's not about changing your grip or anything else. You may have tired those things in the past and they don't work because they have you hitting the ball with your arms.

If you want to hit your irons pure you need to stop doing all of those things. This best drill for irons and it's totally different to anything you have ever tried in the past.

The next time you're at the range give this a try. I need you to tee up your ball. Take out a mid iron and hit a whole bucket of balls doing this drill. Then adjust as I explain in the tip as you get better at it.

Correction: 6:48
Here I said squeeze against the ground. Should be squeeze against the clubface.
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Jim Lackey Associates says:

Sounds really interesting, can’t wait to try it!

Garner McCullar says:

I’m hitting it so good with this I’m playing chocking down now and hitting the most solid shots ever!Thanks Paul!

Madoda Xaba says:

Can this be translated to the driver

Marco Ribeiro says:

Thank you for making your tips so simple to follow and fun to implement, I have seen great improvement in my golf since i was introduced to your channel.

Daniel Smiley says:

I am 10 weeks in and this will know 15 stokes off my game. Wow. Thank you.

crowntrend says:

Cant wait to try this tomorrow, does this only work off the tee right away? My range only uses mats and I dont have the ability to tee up my balls unless I use the rubber tee that is way too long.

Rabi Das says:

Really worked….Hats off to you…

mike m says:

I can't wait to try this. I had to step away from golf for 6 months and completely forgot how to swing an iron. I was a 8 handicap but I did everything by feel. My friends said I should switch my blades out but that is all I've played with and learned the game with. I miss the marshmallow compression at contact. I'm one of those people that glaze over on technical advice. I hope it works and it makes sense.

Junior Gonzalez says:

Wow I never respond but I had to say this. I saw your video this morning right before I played a round with a buddy. We hit the range for a big bucket before our 18 and man…. I did what you said. Strictly hit the whole bucket using my irons and it was almost immediately better. I have never hit my irons so good in my life! I dropped my handicap by 9!! In a day!! That’s insane thank you! Now I need to work on my putting 😂

MrBsHouse says:

Paul, I met you on the range and you said my swing hurt so bad I made your back hurt! Thanks so much for your time, my back and accuracy thank you 🙂 This is the way to hit!

eighthof8 says:

I certainly wouldn't take anything away from Paul's teaching, but – what works for me is it to shift 70% of my weight to my left foot, while keeping my bod behind the ball slightly; take the club back at normal speed and then swing at the ball as hard as I can. Seems by doing that it takes away a lot of the fundamentals and I "usually" make good contact with good distance.

John Davenport says:

my goal has to divot after the ball. you're open is dead on. I'm not coiling my body. I'm leaning like a drive. so I top my irons. great video showing what I'm doing wrong

KMaMaa says:

super helpful! never even thought of trying this but it helped my contact sooo much, thank you

Vermeer Recpt says:

Thank you Paul. I looked at your tip about trying to keep your fore-arms together and I'll practice that swing thought.

Vermeer Recpt says:

Because of Paul, my long game has never been better. But still struggling with trying to take a divot with irons.

Revolvermann says:

what do you think about geforce golfclub swing trainer? have you tried it?
thanks for the video, I will try it out today on the range

rmmst49 says:

can i have my ten minutes back?

Robert Callahan says:

This works!! Results were seen after just a small bucket.

ger1916 says:

I'm constantly hitting the ground or the top of the ball off the fairway, struggling hitting off the flat compared to having a bit of grass to work with, it's driving me mad

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