More Golf Swing Consistency And Club Head Speed With This Drill

Golf swing consistency and more get more club head speed and how to increase Golf Swing Speed easily with simple golf tips and a great simple golf drill you can use today to find your perfect golf swing with power sequence and release. Even if you are an older golfer:)

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These effortless golf swing tips work in golf even if you are a senior golfer or someone that has limited flexibility. So no matter your age, if you get the golf swing sequence right you will swing the driver faster with less effort and with this drill you will hit the driver and golf ball longer as you get older.

If you want to increase golf swing speed you must not;

Allow tension in your golf swing.
Try and swing harder
Use force
Create more resistance

What you need to do if you want to learn how how to increase Golf Swing Speed easily and get consistency with your driver and irons and get more club head speed, and learn once and for all how to get more club head speed then you need to;

Allow wrist hinge to help your golf swing.
Supple arms in your golf swing.
Use momentum and flow like Kyle Berkshire and Bryson Dechambaue
and you will develop more consistency and effortless club head speed.

Use the towel drill to develop the correct sequence and release in your golf swing to straighten the arms past impact for maximum velocity.

0:00 how to get more club head speed easily even as you get older
1:00 Mistakes that costs you yards on your drives
2:00 tension kills your golf swing speed
4:00 the golf swing drill with a towel.

Alex Fortey from the Art of Simple Golf gives you a simple golf tip to improve your golf swing Enjoy this golf video to help you get closer to having a perfect golf swing.. YOUR perfect golf swing


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20 thoughts on “More Golf Swing Consistency And Club Head Speed With This Drill

  1. It's me. ?
    My left index finger has calluses inside because it’s s blocking the club speed. When I use only my left hand, I swing much more freely through the ball. The right hand blocks the swing. ?
    BTW. The first you tube channel, where I can find answers to my questions. You demonstrate the problem and show a solution. Sure, you must be aware what’s wrong. But people which are watching videos, analyzing them self normally well.

  2. My biggest golf regret was watching endless top coach/player videos back in the day focusing on shoulder turn and rotation etc all i achieved was an over the top swing which destroyed my golf along with my lower back.. The throwing demonstration is one of the best visuals i’ve ever seen and has brought me back to golf after quitting the game totally for over 10 years … Thank you for this..

  3. thanks and i have learned the importance of the wrist cock or break. I have a question however. My grandson likes to lose the angle between the shaft and his arms that exists at address in the downswing. is this something he should correct. he generates a lot of clubhead speed but is inconsistent. i am always telling him to try and hook the ball, because he tends to lose them to the right.

  4. Very good lesson. Exactly what happened to me this weekend. All my clubs were ok except the Driver, it warmed up here in North Carolina and I felt that my driver swing was a little quick. I think you hit on what was happening because , now that I think back I felt like I was all out of sequence and trying to hit it too hard. I thin the towel idea will be a part of the warm up and even during the round to keep in sequence. Thanks

  5. obviously, when you do the towel drill you are making the perfect movement with your arm- and, it is a very good drill- but, whilst your shoulder does move down it does not appear to drop down. you actually appear to be controlling the movement with the left side of your right forearm; which is something that we see a lot of top golfers do. but, the weight transfer, in the backswing, is a bit of a misnomer. whilst the weight should move to the right, in the takeaway, there is no lateral movement. if you stand in an upright position, with your weight evenly distributed, and then activate the muscles in the left side of your right leg, the leg will move back slightly. your weight, though, will move onto your right foot. but, as you continue to activate the muscles down the left side of your leg, your leg will move further back, increasing its angle and your weight will start to move towards your left side. this accommodates the movement of the club as it moves to the right of your hands in the 1st part of the backswing and then crosses over to the target side of your hands in the 2nd part of the backswing. and, if you press down with your left foot, when the club cosses over to the target side of your hands, it will increase your turn.

  6. Hi Alex;
    I contacted you a short time ago about a drill I came up with that's common, the half swing drill, but this 1 includes an aid required to act as an immediate feedback to know if it's done properly. This requires any object that will slide easily on the shaft. Of all things, I used a cardboard tube that is used as a toilet paper roll but anything that slides easily will do, but don't use anything that's of a hard material because it will make contact with the clubhead. All that's involved is putting the object where the grip meets the metal on the shaft. Just hold it waist high on the half swing back swing with a small wrist angle, not 90% as at the top. As you swing down, if not done properly, the object will slide down the shaft & hit the clubhead at the bottom of the swing, but if done properly, & the wrist angle, or lag is held thru impact, the object won't touch the clubhead before the arms are fully extended on the forward side of the swing. This will give instant feedback as to whether you're losing the lag angle, straightening the arms too soon, or flipping at impact. It should also help with swinging through the ball instead of hitting at it. This was all covered in your latest video with the towel for increasing swing speed, minus the sliding object on the shaft. Every youtube instructor at some point refers to lag as a power source for the swing & hits shots to demonstrate, but doesn't provide the immediate feedback that we need to see for ourselves. It would be great if you could do a video on this with the sliding aid included as I'm positive you could re-create it better than I could with an amateur video of my own. Thanks & be well.

  7. Excellent lesson Alex! I like the heavy arms, supple wrist approach to the swing. Also, like the towel drill to practice post impact and follow through.

  8. So would this help me out? My swing speed is 108-115 and that’s holding the club face off and with body release but I started seeing I have many inconsistencies with now. So I’m trying to hand release my big issue is always been driver and hitting block shots, pushes, big fades, slices so should I focus on trying to release the club more? But if I’m within 170 yards I’m hitting the green 9/10 times.

  9. Thanks, love golf, trying to get my club head speed up at age 74-so all these tips may help some in trying to improve-keep up with tips for Seniors when you can. Merry Christmas!!!!

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