How to increase your golf driver distance – a simple drill

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Do you want to add some extra distance to your drives? Try this simple drill with a swing stick to improve the speed of your body rotation correctly. Your golf swing will improvem, but you have to practice this. The motion starts with your legs!

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We play golf says:

If you have questions or requests. please let me know!

Geno Natavio says:

Simple and to the point instruction. Thank you!

James Peebles says:

I hit my 9 140, 8 iron 155 and top out at 210 with 5 wood: Driver is 220 but 200 consistent. Expert advice towards distances is?

James Peebles says:

I would just like a five step I can hit the ball very well but I just need to be longer and more consistent the top five drills to accomplish this please.

Music list says:

fckkk maverick they suck 😉

Sully_ Nasty says:

I am 14 and I hit it about 200 yards, but I don’t know if I should lift weights to hit it farther

Peter Brewer says:

Your speed comes from your arms and hands which make your hips turn.

Ruben Garcia says:

Saw your video on how to hit
the irons and it really worked

moledog88 says:

Great stuff there !

bobber says:

Well explained.

Bill Ryan says:

Simple and just plane truth. 🇨🇦⛳️🏌🏼‍♂️

Dave Bateman says:

I when you turn your hips that fast the chance of the club head is left open when hitting the ball thanks davebateman

Blix TV says:

Nice tip, thank you!

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