More Speed, Better Transition & and Less Overswinging | Golf Swing Drill

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Michael Freeburn says:

Tried this today with very good results. First time in a long time was able to swing hard with very straight ball flight and better control. No drop off and possible increase in distance. Shots into the greens from inside 160m seemed to have more spin so stopped after great carry. Was easy to get through the ball with a short back swing and great balance at the finish. Great Vid guys.

Steve Maz says:

Was holding my breath watching that ball bounce back off the net towards the gcquad

Brent Ninedorf says:

Great drill. Will try and mess about with some of those feels. Gonna try and get my flexibility back and focus on a good lower body turn while trying to introduce speed. Good things to keep in mind.

Todd Bjornson says:

Nice ! Drills and swing break down in one 🍻

Scott D says:

Just saying what's already been said, but it's a treat to watch the communication between a great teacher and incredible student. Fantastic vid!

Justin Henry says:

Great video as always Matt, would Larry recommend doing this drill in both directions to strengthen both sides of your swing?

Ian Hester says:

Can you still use this drill if you have a tendency to spin out with the hips causing the club to get “stuck” behind?

Jordan Frost says:

Awesome stuff, thanks guys!

Taylor Gipson says:

These videos make me realize that Matty was TXG…their videos are so boring now 🙄 good work Matt and Larry is awesome…ps coolest hair in the biz! 🤯

Ryan Eames says:

Who else was nervous watching them chuck a medicine ball with the GC Quad sitting right there?

MrAhuraMazda187 says:

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Gerry Lawrence says:

Matt as usual great content with Larry. Your interpretation of Larry's drills is very helpful, this is what you do best! Keep the drills coming.

kemeys1990 says:

Even at 68 with a dodgy back I can still learn a lot from this drill.

A Merz says:

Another great video, smash that like button 👇👇👇

Corey Gardner says:

Thank you guys

Fullsendglf says:

This is gold

Joshua Moon says:

Love these Matt! Keep it going!

Ryan Horner says:

So better leg engagement, better sequencing & use of vertical forces….oh dear! 140 club here he comes! Lol

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