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Everyone wants to increase their swing speed. Few ever do. That's because the great majority of golfers think that to get a faster swing speed with their driver, they just swing harder. No matter how many drills or exercises they do, they never hit it any longer.

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This is because all of these drills and exercises cause you to just speed up your arms. The harder you hit, the tighter your wrists, the slower the club swings. So if you keep solely hitting with your arms, you'll never increase your clubhead speed.

If you really want to increase your club head speed, you need to use your legs and hips as the power source. This tip shows you my favorite speed drill. Please follow it carefully as it'll get you to switch to using your legs and hips and it provides you with proof that your driver speed is increasing.

Do this drill with your driver every night. In order to create more swing speed you need to gradually build it up over time. So repeat it with 25 swings or more at home or on the range. Over the course of the next few weeks, you'll hit the driver longer than ever.

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Paul Wilson Golf says:

Now I can work with you live with my new app called CoachLink. If I can see you, I can help you no matter where you are in the world. I can assess your swing, check your grip or swing positions, watch you at the range or even when you play. Find out more here: Thank you for your support!

Sean Kenny says:

Where does the ladder come into it?

Mr. Ditkovich says:

How exactly do you drive your legs correctly?

eek man says:

Haha! "If you swing like that, you'll shoot a million. He is right, I shoot over a million…

Derek Rodrigues says:

Best golf teacher on Youtube by far!!

Marc Carrier says:

Your stuff just makes too much sense for people to not be using it. Simple yet very effective instruction. I appreciate you Paul.

Daniel Carman says:

Thanks Paul great tip!

J. Cesar. says:

A million? That's a lot!

William Welch says:

Increased my drives by 30 yards after doing this drill for just two days. Another benefit is that I cannot hit my irons

K says:

Thanks for the drill Paul. I was losing my balance and coming out of my shoes. Now I know the correct way to practice and I just love your teaching style. Thanks again 😀

Update, Today at the range my wife was with me and a guy came up and asked me how I was hitting the ball with such a slow swing. My reply was I’m relaxed and using my body to generate the power. My wife told me on the way home the guy watched me for a good 5 minutes. He was really amazed. Thanks again Paul.

Adam Balulis says:

My biggest problem is I'm hitting the irons and woods in the air moe than I ever have but still slicing on bad shots. Any tips??

Adam Balulis says:

All I can say is WOW! Ur easy swing tips have improved my game drastically. Still not totally consistent but at least now I know what I'm doing wrong when I miss hit.

Kenji Aoki says:

the bob ross of golf…! thanks!

Furthy Thirtyfour says:

Hi Paul, nice instruction. I know you talk about making effortless golf swings even though you hit the ball a long way. Just out of interest what clubhead speed does your swing reach on a swing speed monitor?

Mitch Sallis says:

Great tip Paul take the ball out of the equation thanks man keep bringing them on.

MrAbrazor says:

Thank you very much, you changed my golfing life ( so my life !) you are right, I’m now F…g long and straight!!

Leonard Nicholson says:

You are such a good teacher today everything you talked about firing leg and hips I took to the driving range and today is the first effortless day swinging irons through to driver and I was so consistent driving the ball straight and longer around 280 yds. I will order all your videos as soon as I get home. Thanks so much you are the real deal.

Ben Licwinko says:

Really like your teaching.

Ronald Johnson says:

Excellent instruction and concepts.

Bill Amlani says:

I have seen many videos but I find this the best way to explain. You really speak from your heart. You WANT people to succeed. Thanks a million. I will try every morning in my garden for a while before I try it on the range.

Paul Hofman says:

It's oddly unsatisfying to see someone talk about golf without hitting the ball that is sitting on the tee during the entire video.

Michael Lambing says:

Hey Paul oh, I've been listening to you for many years. It takes a long time sometimes. Something to sink into my head. I finally learned how to turn off my arms. I last three rounds all broke 80. It's amazing how easy it is

pelonchochoncho says:

as always "simple" and "effective" tips!!! congrats

boo too says:

do you have drill videos that shows how to fire your legs/hips during the downswing ?

Fernando Santiago says:

Thanks. Common sense and technique, love it. I just gonna start today.

Tom Settles says:

Awesome drill. I will be doing this and the wrist cock drills next 2 weeks and beyond.

GS Sheriff says:

Ya, get younger. This is crap.

Ronald Raganella says:

Been losing lots of distance the past ten years. Now after practicing loose wrists the results have been amazing. It was really hard to groove it into my swing but I added 20 yards easy.
Now working on my hips and legs. Thanks Paul.

SAM’s Guitar & Coins says:

I love your condescending tone.. haha … must be very trying on ones patience dealing with the public ignorance and the general lack of ability to actually listen and then actually devote time to learn something. We live in a world of internet/Facebook experts and instant gratification
Good stuff 👍🏻

KO says:

I here what you are trying to teach however without filming your swing and comparing your old swing to your new swing you will never know if you are learning anything or have a instructor to give you immediate feedback

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