The Best Golf Swing Rotation Drill for your Backswing and Downswing

This golf swing rotation drill will help you with your golf backswing and downswing golf moves.

If you struggle with hip rotation in golf swing, this easy golf swing tip from Todd Kolb shows you how to get more golf rotation, which will help you get more length in the backswing and help make the path of your golf swing inside out on the downswing.

These two golf rotation drills are especially great for the experienced senior golfer, who has limited flexibility and has been told to restrict hip turn in backswing.

With enough reps of the drills above, you might actually start hitting a draw.

But I guarantee your shots will curve right-to-left (or left-to-right, for lefties) if you learn
my Tour Draw swing system.

I’m not just talking about your 6- through 8-irons, which are relatively easy to turn over.

I’m talking about your longer irons, hybrids and yep, even the hard-to-draw driver.

Despite what you may have heard, developing a consistent, reliable draw is not that

You do need to know the new rules of shot shaping, though, which fly in the face of
conventional teaching.

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14 thoughts on “The Best Golf Swing Rotation Drill for your Backswing and Downswing

  1. 68 year old Dallas golfer. Good video and drills. I struggle with weight shift and consistently getting my swing to bottom out just in front of the ball. More on this appreciated.

  2. I Todd,
    I am an intermediate golfer with a really bad back (scoliosis). I sometimes sway instead of turning. I worked all winter on my rotation (there is still snow on the ground here ??/Québec). I looking forward to test that on the range.

    I really like your videos. Really easy to understand (English is not my primary language) and exercises are easy to reproduce

  3. Todd, great videos and excellent advise. As a senior golfer I find your tips very helpful. One small quibble during your tips you often say “ as I’m sitting here” vs standing here. Keep up the video content!

  4. Hi from Australia. I've been using my knees to get my hips to rotate ( left knee to ball, right knee to target) but I have trouble getting my weight into my left side early in the downswing. Any suggestions?

  5. Great video and instructions Todd and a 74 I still can turn the hips , I’m playing 18 tomorrow here in NJ I’ll let you know how much you’ve helped me improve ??

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