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The BEST FORGIVING Golf Club OFF THE TEE… AT HALF THE PRICE!? When choosing which golf clubs to buy we often think about what the best golf clubs of 2022 are, what are the best cheap golf clubs? the best budget golf clubs? or even the best forgiving golf clubs… in this video I take a look at a fairway wood that could transform your golf game off the tee. the anti slice technology can not only work for high handicap golfers to stop slicing tee shots… but also help make the clubs versatile for mid handicap and low handicap golfers alike… all for half the price of some of the bigger brand clubs… let's find out… and let's do it now!


stratovani says:

Definitely thinking of getting one of these based on James' recommendation. I've had trouble driving the ball all year long, and I've lost a lot of distance as I've aged. I figure that since I play from the red tees then I don't really need a driver, so the LP with a senior shaft might just be the ticket for me. Plus the price is awesome!

Golf Buddy says:

Excellent advert James

Joseph Dubiel says:

I prefer my Ping G 425 woods. I like the feel and adjustability. However this Wilson looks like a nice club for a great price. 🙂 Good review James! Have an awesome weekend! Joe

Mick Cox says:

You need a proper slicer to test that club for you James.
Send it me, if it doesn't work ill chuck it in the pond.

Crispy Duck says:

Draw bias high bombing draws – first swing was a fade lol

Kim Hannemann says:

I've had that club in my bag for months. One of my go-tos.

Scott Dean says:

Uhmmm… didn’t you say you were going to give us numbers vs the Titleist 3 wood? All we got was the Wilson’s numbers, but no Titleist numbers.

Schlatz says:

I have been playing the Launchpad 2 irons and 4 hybrid for a couple of months now and I’m hitting them pretty well. Unfortunately, I’m a left and per their website they don’t make a lefthanded Launchpad driver.

Dylan Arttus says:

Hugely underrated brand. Their Staff blades are one of the most gorgeous clubs I’ve seen.

Adrian Cox - The Sant Jordi Golf Society says:

Fade, Draw, Fade, Slight Fade, Fade again. Not many draws though.

M O O N K A I says: ⬅️ Hey guys please rate my golf swing from 1-10 😁

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