How To Make Sure You Buy The Correct Driver For Your Golf Swing

Buying your driver can be a difficult job as there are so many variations available on the market. This short buyers' guide will take you through the decision making process to make sure you get the right one for your game.

10 thoughts on “How To Make Sure You Buy The Correct Driver For Your Golf Swing

  1. Pretty much a nice wrap up and overview of things to consider, however I would put more attention into the weight of the clubhead and shaft specs like torque, kick point, tip diameter, spine aligning, etc. Thanks for making this video.

  2. This is the stupidest post I have seen considering the title of the post. There is nothing you have said that even the most novice of golfers wouldn't know. Absolutely no useful information given. Take this ridiculous post down, you moron….

  3. sorry mate but i been put off by buiying or going to the shop in my town i was going for a fitting for my lod sldr 14 degrees driver paid 50 bucks for a fit but after 10 hits wit the sdlr and 5 with the new one he pick he stopped and try to sell me the berths fusion of 600 dollars is that not bit fast i feellike he just try to sell me a expensive driver

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