HOW TO PICK THE BEST DRIVER 2019 OR 2020. Mark Crossfield golf professional talks about the best golf drivers of 2019 and or 2020. See what driver you should buy to best help your golf game this year. If you are looking at Titleist drivers, Callaway Drivers, Ping drivers, Taylormade drivers or Mizuno drivers these buying tips and buying guides will help you make the best choice for your golf game. Start hitting more fairways and hit longer tee shots with some simple ideas around the big stick and how to buy the best one for your golf swing and golf game.

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28 thoughts on “HOW TO PICK THE BEST DRIVER 2019 OR 2020

  1. I'd love to see you do a comparison with 2 drivers, same model and set to the same loft but one of them with the designed loft and the other at the max loft setting. Recently a friend of mine was fitted for a Maverik and the fitter gave him a 9deg driver lofted up to 10.5deg? Is there a reason why didn't he just give him the 10.5deg?

  2. ? im about to wear a kilt, play Highland pipes and wack a pinecone with a messed up stick in a cow pasture, get back to the heart of the game.

  3. I have a tommy armour atomic driver with 9 degree loft but I originally had it lofted it up to 10. But as I progressed we now have it at the draw setting which keeps it at 9 degree and I've gained about 20 yards.

  4. Mark, I hear a lot of talk about ‘pureing’ golf shafts. Especially the driver. It’s seems rather expensive. Have you done it. Do the pro’s? Is it worth it?

  5. I got fitted for a new driver 10 days ago, I pick it up on Saturday. I first ruled some drivers out on looks; the G410 was too big and boxy for me, the M6 I'm not keen on looking down on the silver band. I ended up ordering the Rogue. I liked the looks, I got a decent ball flight and it just seemed to fit best. It being a 2018 club didn't worry me at all.

    I wish I'd seen this video before the fitting. I do think we spent too long on different brands and we didn't change the loft at all. When I pick the club up I plan to go on the launch monitor and try out the different hosel settings. I'll be interested to see how +1 and -1 effect my ball flight and distance.

  6. Thanks Mark – I hear a lot about speaking with a good fitter, this is all so subjective and as someone who is entirely clueless, it's daunting. Who is a good fitter?!

  7. Gone are the days of the small persimmons wood heads. Nowadays we are spoiled with mega driver head sizes. This makes the game so much easier. For the average golfer, just get one with adjustable loft and get out there and enjoy how easy it is to hit a little ball with a huge club head.

  8. Think one thing that you could cover is that I always hear from golfers who needs a new driver "I must be with stiff shaft". An it is absolutely nonsense, as there is no standard in shaft industry on what stiff is and what is regular. If looking at those who analyse golf shafts, some shafts are marked as "stiff" – taking another shaft supplier with a shaft marked as as regular flex. But those 2 shafts are identical if looking a flex numbers for those who have those advanced shaft tools. So please – bring a video on this so people stop saying they need to have a stiff or regular shaft, as there is no standard on this. I know it is propably a Men thing that it gives more confidence saying that playing with a stiff shaft – but overall if picking a different shaft supplier it could be regular with same performance

  9. Mark I was sure what driver I wanted ping soft, after getting fitted I tried many ts2,epic,ping,what did I get king cobra F Max.its been a great summer spent slot of time in the fairway . I would never pick this driver glad I had someone who look outside the box

  10. 2 years ago I got fitted for irons. I narrowed it down to 3: Ping i200, AP 3, Mizuno MP 18. The fitter left the bay and told me to hit 5 with each club and then rank order them. I ranked them Ping, mizuno, titleist. The fitter then told me I got the best numbers from the titleist. Especially on off center hits I didn’t lose as many yards. I really didn’t want them but he convinced me to buy them. I never really liked them. Terrible feel. I played them for 1.5 years. Just traded them in for Ping i210s. Couldn’t be happier. Go with what YOU want to play with.

  11. Hi Mark, I have a standard 10.5 driver (about 6/7 years old) that you mentioned. What % would you put on me being able to have a driver fitting and gain 10+ yards? Possible to guesstimate?

  12. Mark awesome video relates to all my thoughts over the last few years. People talk about distance but all top drivers over last 3 / 4 yrs haven't changed much it's all about forgiveness and what suits you best in a fitting. Changed my epic flash sub last month for a g410 plus and not seeing no distance gains but g410 way more accurate and consistent when not hit from the sweet spot. My first ping driver after been a callaway player for 20 years ?

  13. I play off 12 use a mizuno jpx 900 driver. Set to 10.5 my drives total distance is usually between 210/230 with a low flight but it seems to run on for ages. Would I benefit from lofting up?. Club will go up to 12 degrees.

  14. I'm left handed and often have to order without hitting. I was fitted for a shaft by a good fitter that I trusted. I'm kind of a shaft leaner. My SS was around 110 or so. I have always played a 10.5 or 11 degree. I got a Mizuno and it spun at 3300 rpm and launched at 9 degrees. I lofted up and hooked every time for 72 holes. $400 gone ? I bought a ping g410 12 and lofted down to 10.5 and flattened the lie and hitting a baby cut

  15. Great vid as usual Mark.

    1. I see you are up to 285k subscribers…geez I remember the party when you hit 200K…serious congrats mate, you are rolling!

    2. I really like how you are starting your vids on Google Earth. As a dumb US resident (I'm actually a Canadian ex-pat) , it is very enjoyable to see where you are filming.

    3. What is Stellar logo all about?

    4. I live in Boston and always practice with headphones. Why you ask? I'm an 8 index and I get very frustrated by terrible amateurs on the range trying to teach their kids, or anyone that will listen. I feel sorry for them as they are simply going to push their kids from the game because they have no idea what they are talking about. The solution is accessible teaching, which unfortunately is not the case in Boston….too elitist I'm afraid. Maybe the Teaching Pros need to figure out how to reach the masses, and not their 100 private club members?

    Keep up the great work mate….you are certainly resonating with old hackers like me. If you are ever in Boston, I would be happy to set you up with some Muppet golf at my local course! It's a 1922 Donald Ross design….short but tight, and wicked greens. (71.9/126). Rory would love it….NOT.

    All the best, George

  16. I had an XR16 de lofted to 8° in D2 and was hitting the ball very high, averaging 250 yards. I now have an XR16 sub zero set to 11.5° in D3, 1 inch shorter shaft and the ball goes like a bullet. Much lower flight and the run out is ridiculously long… amazing.

  17. Hi Mark in an ideal world where you can go into a golf store and find a club that fits your budget, then you say to the fitter have you got this in a LEFT HANDED version sorry sir no that's why I haven't bought a new driver for years I know the % of golfers are right handed and not moaning but come on let's get some lefties clubs so we can try them out.

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