How To Prime or “Bleed” an Oil Burner

This is how I prime an oil burner pump. … Be careful this stuff is FLAMMABLE! You can use a rubber hose on the bleeder valve to keep it neat if you choose. How To Restart An Oil Heater How To Bleed Or Prime An Oil Heater. Restart Your Heater

4 thoughts on “How To Prime or “Bleed” an Oil Burner

  1. Just let the tank run down last night. Got our delivery, on my way down to
    bleed and purge. First time I’m doing this but your video here is terrific.
    I’m on Long Island too. Thanks.

  2. Thank you for empowering the common average women. I was able to follow
    your instruction and successfully prime my line and reignite my oil burner.
    My oil supply company has charged me any where from 25-75 dollars to do
    this. Thank you

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