Matt Kuchar Swing Review: 2013 One Plane Golf Swing

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You may have noticed that Matt Kuchar has a little different looking backswing. That is because he has one of the only one plane swings on the PGA Tour.

Many of you may have heard about the one plane swing, but the real question… is it something that I should be trying to do. That's exactly what we will discuss in this video.

You may be surprised to learn some interesting information that the analyst and one plane promoters aren't letting you know.

If you are loosing distance, and have an aching back from your one plane swing, you will want to watch this video.

Click Below for the full 5 Minutes to the Perfect Backswing Video:

32 thoughts on “Matt Kuchar Swing Review: 2013 One Plane Golf Swing

  1. Very informative. I’m not flexible enough to restrict my hip movement—a
    requirement of the one-plane swing—and use separation as a power source.
    I also prefer a more upright posture at address. I’ll stick with the
    two-plane or rotary swing. Even though I do believe that flat, very
    connected swings like Hunter Mahan’s are pretty to look at. 

  2. Consistency? Tiger cant find the fairway. The best ballstrikers of all time
    had flat backswings. Ben Hogan, Moe Norman, Lee Trevino. Did you really
    mention Dustin Johnson as having a good swing?

  3. OMG all you guys who try to pick and discredit Clay and Chuck make me
    laugh. As a former teaching pro I wanna pull out my hair when I see all the
    crap instruction and tips on the internet and YouTube. 95% is a complete
    joke… I’ve decided to start playing competitive golf again after some
    minor back surgery and have been working to tweak my swing with the RST
    swing thoughts and teachers and couldn’t be happier!!! Keep up the great
    work Chuck and Clay and obviously let your subscribers and in person lesson
    schedule do the talking, can’t wait to head back down to Lake Nona this
    summer and get in some work with you guys!!!

  4. In fact, Matt’s swing is not one plane, his swing plane angle is the same
    as tiger’s. this book “decoding the golf swing plane” explains it all on
    page 115.

  5. A swing like tigers and a rst type swing does not generate injury or
    increases your chances for not getting injured just is not true. Obviously
    Tiger has injuries but in general injury is gonna come from repetition of
    constant twisting and contorting of your body and if anything you have an
    equal or higher chance of injury from an rst swing because of the downward
    drive of the upper body and upward drive of the lower body as seen from
    tiger in that very swing. The club then returns in a higher impact plane vs
    the original shaft plane as seen with all rst swingers. That causes plenty
    of injuries as we are seeing with tiger in the back. All the years of
    driving hard with the lower body and compressing with the upper will catch
    up to you. I’m not a one plane swinger nor do I advocate it but no matter
    what swing you make you have a chance for injury and I dont think it’s any
    greater under any swing. While one planers may rotate harder rst type
    swings drive harder. Either way you set yourself up for a chance to be


    Ben Wagner

  6. I love how every one of your videos is SELLING your method. If you were to
    actually ASK Matt, he’d tell you in no uncertain terms that the OPS he’s
    using is far easier on his body than his old swing. Granted, it’s not for
    everyone, but to say it’ll lead to back problems just because you think
    it’s not as efficient as RST is bunk. Body shapes and abilities are as
    individual as fingerprints. Making blanket assertions to sell your method
    is intellectually dishonest at best.

  7. Unfortunately, you analysed an old swing of Matt’s. Check out the last
    analysis from Wayne Defrancesco and you’ll see that he swang with the left
    arm much more vertical in 2013…
    Regarding the fact that flatter swings do not produce as much club head
    speed as more vertical ones, I think that history does not support this
    strong statement. Indeed, two of the best ball strickers that ever lived
    and who are still recognised as such nowadays had flat swings. I’m off
    course refering to Ben Hogan and Moe Norman !

  8. You are right but for amatuers who can’t practice every day I think a one
    plane swing is just easier and more consistent. My distance is actually
    better only becuase I hit it more square. My occasiona bombs that I use to
    have with a more upright swing is gone but the consistency was never there.

  9. To me one plane swing is just great. Believe me i have tried putting arm up
    but huge problem is that you lose consistency. I mean as a tennis
    instructor a lot of times we can’t teach the way pro hit to normal people.
    We do not have same scale or their atheletic ability. I believe so many
    sports coaches including myself make big mistake on this. Pro and we are
    different. They can do something we can’t do. I believe that if all the
    golf coahes teaches the amture the one plane swing then their score inrease
    dramatically. I mean many times golf or tennis have been taught way and way
    too complex. And many times it causes amatures to play bad. Watch those
    older weekends players. Their swings aren’t really text book but they play
    really well. Tennis is in same thing. To me one plane swing is very simple
    form of swing. I always think to take golf clube bak 45 degree angle. it is
    like unit turn take club back with rotation. With this way you can always
    have same take back. if you bring club up then you can have million
    different golf swing. Again. for us shooting 80’s is good enough. if you
    can hit the ball straight then your score will be better. Tennis is same
    thing if you can play consistent then you can beat y our friends. but in
    order to make millions by playing golf or tennis then that’s different
    story. Just like tennis you must have great techniques to do it. Maybe one
    plane is not the way to go. Espeially in tour level you need to have
    distance. Just like tennis nobody take racket back straight. Yes there are
    maybe one out of 1000 players do but it’s not coommon. there are reasons
    why they do that.

  10. (cont.) I think it is great that you question any instruction that you
    hear, just as you are now. I believe any instructor should be able to back
    up any statement they make with sound reasoning. I look forward to talking
    with you again soon sasquatchtour! Good luck with your game! ~Clay Ballard

  11. Your right, he has flattened his swing plane since Haney. He is still more
    upright than a one plane swing. A difference in what Foley teaches and
    stack and tilt is the spine angle at the top of the swing. Tiger has
    significant axis tilt away from the target, which Stack and Tilt does not
    advocate. In 2007 his average driving distance was 302.4 this year it is
    293.7. Both swings are very good and would recommend 99% of moves to any
    golfer, although I don’t agree with every piece. ~Clay Ballard

  12. With all due respect I could not disagree with you more. Your theory of one
    plane vs two regarding body type etc may apply to tour pros but honestly, I
    do not see tour pros posting or watching these videos. At 5′ 9″, I switched
    to a one plane swing last year. My accuracy and lenght with both long and
    short irons and woods increased in a atonishing manner. My handicap went
    down immediately from a 10 to a 6 and has settled at a nice 3 since. It
    took me 20 years to get to 10, two months to 3.

  13. You are certainly right. But “These guys are good”… I mean they, being
    pros, have superior talent, coordination, mechanics, etc, and time to work
    on it. RST seem to have more “moving parts” and to me looks more
    difficult… And, frankly, I dont know how much potential I have to
    maximize! But I’ll look into it. Thanks for the advice.

  14. You pros and cons sounds like you do not know the on plane swing as well as
    you think you do. You need to readJim Hardy’s “The Plane Truth”, a get up
    to speed. Secondly,must because you can’t effectively teach the one plane
    swing does not mean there is a disadvantage of the swing. Iif you key
    demographic is going to be older less athletic player then maybe you are on
    to something.

  15. Actually it’s the opposite of what you are saying. Tigers swing has
    steepened slightly under foley closer to where it was with Harmon but with
    a much steeper shoulder turn. Tiger does have about 5degrees more shoulder
    tilt at address than stack and tilt model preference but foley is a
    disciple of the theory and will integrate what he can as it seems to be
    working. As far as distance goes by average it’s hard to say since he is
    hitting more 3 and 5 metals off the tee than he used to

  16. Very true. Tiger used to have several issues in his swing that put him at
    risk for injury. Overactive hips, too much axis tilt, and snapping the left
    knee. In reality, we can all get injured, even with perfect technique. Some
    are luckier than others. But with better technique there is less risk. I
    hope Kuchar does great! ~Clay Ballard

  17. Anyone who doesnt play 4 times a week should go single plane and kuchar yes
    is flat tigers swing is too hard for average players and two planes is not
    impossible for old people chris my teacher is 57 and hits it 330!!!! With a
    1 plane swing and injury ha bullshit. Watch tigers mid back and his
    compression screw this gimmicky rotary swing

  18. Great. If you are hitting a fade, that is coming from the downswing. Most
    likely you are coming a bit over the top. I would start out with the over
    the top fault and fix series on the site. That will really help you to know
    how and what to change. Click the link in the description of this video,
    then sign up for your premium membership and you will have access to that
    series. ~Clay Ballard

  19. You should check out the 5 Minutes to the Perfect Backswing video I
    attached for you to watch for free. Just click the link in the description
    of the video. It will walk you through the entire process of how to get
    into the perfect spot at the top. I can promise you that you will have no
    questions about how to do these moves after watching the video. Good luck,
    I am looking forward to seeing you on the site. ~Clay Ballard

  20. Hey Roy, Chuck wasn’t involved in this video, it was me ~Clay. You are
    exactly right in that you are born with a certain amount of type 1 and 2
    muscle fibers that can help with speed. Although this can not change with
    training. Matt is a fantastic player. I am only referring to the difficulty
    you will have with distance if you have low hands. This is why you will
    never find a one plane swinger in the long drive circuit. Leverage is a
    huge key to distance regardless of muscle fiber~Clay Ballard

  21. It could be. I don’t remember him swinging flatter, but you very well could
    be correct. He still currently has the flattest swing on the PGA Tour.

  22. All these videos and comments focus on tall thin golfers. For us short,
    heavy golfers we are told that Flat plane Swing and one plane swings are
    the type of swing we should have to get around our girth. So One plane
    swing for me has to be the way to go. Do you agree??

  23. I am only stating the pros and cons of a 1 plane swing based on body
    movement. You can absolutely play great golf with a one plane swing as Matt
    Kuchar has proven. With a one plane swing you are giving up leverage with
    lower hands. If you have distance to kill, that is ok. Tiger is very close
    to the biomechanics I teach in the swing and wouldn’t be considered a one
    plane swing. I am a fan of Matt Kuchar and I hope he does awesome this
    year! ~Clay Ballard.

  24. A one plane swing is absolutely repeatable. But you will give up some
    distance for very little gains in accuracy. It is very tough to generate
    speed this way unless you are tall or quite fast. If it is working out well
    for you, then that is great. You should check out some of the other videos
    on the site, we have a lot of information on this subject. ~Clay Ballard

  25. Tiger is much more upright. He doesn’t have tons of arm elevation, like he
    used to, but would still be fairly upright in his backswing. Very different
    from a one plane swing.

  26. I am 5’9 and hit the ball almost as far with my one plane swing as I did
    with my two, mostly because I am hitting the ball on the sweet spot more
    because I find the one plane swing more consistent than the two plane. In
    fairness, I did play collegiate baseball for four years, so maybe the one
    plane falls more into my natural abilities.

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