TaylorMade Burner OS Irons

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TaylorMade Burner OS Irons reviewed by Mark Crossfield PGA Professional AskGolfGuru. Mark hits the OS Burner iron and talks about who this iron might help. The oversized large soled iron is great for launch and confidence. Play your best golf with AskGolfGuru and make sure your golf equipment is helping you play better golf.

39 thoughts on “TaylorMade Burner OS Irons

  1. Never heard of the Burner OS iron but I currently play the “Tour Burner”
    irons. I know the tour burners are a bit older but any thoughts on them
    (especially for a newer golfer)?

  2. Hey Mark! thanks for all the videos! They are AWESOME! I do have a question
    though. My brother has a set of Walter Hagen irons with thick soles.Can
    these irons, because they are on the cheaper side and have thick soles
    affect his distance? He has alot of trouble getting distance with irons. He
    has a Burner Driver and Burner woods and hits them pretty good, but cannot
    hit his irons very long at all. So my question is, is it the clubs, or his
    swing that might affect his iron distance so much?

  3. I have these irons! money well spent! i struggled to get the ball up in the
    air and get a good flight now i have no worries about that with these
    clubs! amazing, cannot fault them what so ever!

  4. This is interesting, Mark. When I see the slow motion, I didn’t find your
    club face touching the mat at all. I thought the club face ought to touch
    the ground after impact in order to create a good divot?

  5. Actually saw this iron in a local sporting goods store chain. Didn’t hit
    the club, didn’t want to. I also saw a “Burner 3.0” driver… Taylormade
    seems way too gimmicky to me. I like to keep it simple and i want a golf
    club to look like a golf club.

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