How to Set The Club, The RIGHT WAY!

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In this video, Adam teaches you how to set the club the right way. Adam goes over the right angle technique where you create an ‘L” with your arm and club. By doing this, you create a leverage swing that will have a downward blow on the golf ball, leading to compression.

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Michael Giammarino says:

What a great visual of pushing the beach ball under the water. Fantastic swing thought!

Paul Oh says:

Is the driver swing the same?

Gruvemuppet says:

Implementing this into my swing has made me a much more consistent ball striker. I'm basically a year into this golf addiction, and have grown leaps and bounds with the advice from your page!

M s says:

Love the channel, Thanks so much for sharing. At what point in the takeaway/backswing do you start to put the pressure down (beachball).


love this channel thank you!

Paul Stein says:

Fantastic lesson Adam. Your YouTube teachings have really helped me change my swing path and hit the ball more crisply than ever before.

Graham May says:

Love your instruction , you make it easy to follow ,cheers

Sterling Nickles says:

Incredible video 🔥

John Stevens says:

Fantastic video great breakdown

Lbross says:

Love this – can you address the hip bump to start the downswing as it relates to your setup “bump”
Thx for all your vid’s!!

Mr. Pragmatik says:

Shot my lowest round ever last weekend thanks to this channel! Thanks for everything Adam, every upload is a revelation 🙌

Chris Zingler says:

This video is what I needed! I just started lessons not having ever played the game, @ age 52! Your simplicity in explaining feels to drills is awesome! Please come to the Philly area for some tutorials!

McMattyB says:

This resonates so well with me because this is exactly like me — 1 year into golfing. These tips and methods are so good.

David Maldonado says:

Hi Adam, I love your videos and channel. Ive been implementing your teachings, and they work great, but I find myself hitting more towards the toe of the club. How can I correct that?

Petr Vrana says:

Great golf channel. Thanx for sharing, I learn so much 👍🏻

Jack says:

Don’t worry. Whether you put some older guys on or not. We’re watching! Jack 74

Trailjunkie says:

Had to comment and just say thank you for this great content! Smashed it on the range today after watching this

Amy Fujiyama says:

I have a really clear understanding after watching this video! Thanks!
Definitely, my hands are too high!😅

Dj Dibibar says:

Light bulb turned on moment! I recently had one with a particular drill.

K Hung says:

Adam has the same penchant teaching beginners as he does elites. Bravo!

Andrew Mainsbridge says:

Great lesson

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