Perfect Iron Setup

Do this simple setup progression to avoid standing to far, or even worse…to close to the ball. The right setup makes it possible to come from the inside and really release that golf club out in front. Once you're in this great position. You'll notice how the back of your hand is probably about a hand width away from your thighs. And you're in a great position to set up to the golf ball. And in a great posture.

What I don't want to set up to the golf ball…Maybe my feet are too close to my feet or too far away. Then try to match my posture to wherever I set my feet. I want to feel what's good and then move my body to wherever I need to be to reach the golf ball from there.

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7 thoughts on “Perfect Iron Setup

  1. How bout if you have 8 screws in your back due to a L3,4,5 &S1 fusion & you use a 2 degree upright club plus 1in ? Your not pushing your hips back for sure
    Moral of the story , do you different setups and swings for everyone ?

  2. Golfers have been told this for about 100 years now yet still take up the game and get inundated with incorrect advice from everyone around them from their father, brother, friends right on to a guy that knows a guy that plays with their uncle.
    Their is no game/sport in the world with so many people who think they KNOW what they are talking about that have no clue.
    Now you have to watch guys like this demonstrate the PROPER position and unlearn YEARS of errors.

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