THE FUNDAMENTAL SET-UP OF THE GOLF SWING | "Paddy's Golf Tip" #31 | Padraig Harrington

Having the proper set-up for the golf swing is one of the basic fundamentals of the game. I have covered many aspects of the set-up previously, but it is always good to refresh the memory or especially important if you are someone new to golf.


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22 thoughts on “THE FUNDAMENTAL SET-UP OF THE GOLF SWING | "Paddy's Golf Tip" #31 | Padraig Harrington

  1. Hello from Jacksonville, was wondering why a young guy was using a golf cart but my father explained it to me. I thought the red head was the Irish guy but you were the Irish guy. Thanks for the great content. Enjoyed your great playing.

  2. Oh my….I always put ball backwards…close to my right foot…tendency to hit bad wedge shot…always thought due to bad swing but I guess it might be ball position…Great tip Paddy…

  3. I find beginners grasp how a golf swing should work and feel quicker by first posing them with proper grip exactly how a pro looks as the ball releases off the face of the club. That gives their conscious brain a clue what the goal of the exercise and gives them criteria for success. The difference when they then start at static address and then swing the club up and back down is amazing compared to how they had been swinging based on how they thought a swing should work.

    The actions beginners fail to understand and execute are the lateral shifting of the hips and the side bending which needs to occur in the downswing. Posing them in the post impact ball release position forces them to do both without really realizing it until they go back up to a static address stance and then back to impact a few times. Also having them toss balls sidearm at the ground just in front of them is another good way to get their thinking and reflexive brains on the same page.

  4. Thanks Padraig for the great tips. Keep it simple is the message. Any chance of a session on the fairway woods….I'm struggling with 3 wood at the moment.

  5. Waiting years to here a tour player talk in detail about the golf swing
    Padraig can you talk about the right arm coming down to the right side
    having that right side connection,
    You never talked about it in the HOW TO CLEAR YOUR HIPS/PELVIS

  6. Quality information again Padraig. I think tee boxes and doglegs affect us amateurs with the set up. I for 1 always play the dogleg left or right with a fade on one and try draw on the other which leads to inconsistency. Thanks for your help

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