How To Start Your Downswing Golf Lesson

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How To Start Your Downswing Golf Lesson with Mark Crossfield AskGolfGuru PGA professional. Mark talks about how to hit better golf shots with the correct order to your downswing. Learn and use this simple drill to help you find the best feeling for starting your downswing with from the ground up for power and control.

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Muzzie0323 says:

Hi Mark.

My practice swings are great, I even hit great when at the range. But when
I am actually playing a round, whenever I stand over my ball and then
attempt to turn my hips to transfer my weight, its like I am completely
lost. I literally lose all composure & focus, which then makes my swing
look like something composed from the 7th layer of Hell. Any advice??

vassilis01 says:

those glasses scared me shitless

Dreama40 says:

I’ve criticized some of your videos Mark because they were very confusing
with to much going on verbally, this however was a good lesson, thanks…

Pete Loose says:

Well how easy was that explanation, thanks Mark. Now I have something to
get the feeling of starting the swing correctly.

Coochicoo says:

That hip swing is how I dance in the clubs.

Dirtyfrnk007 says:

Wow…. Couldn’t understand how get those hips moving. Watch all the videos
on Youtube and took a few lessons, but couldn’t get the feeling of the hip
movement. That was util I came across this lesson. This looks a bit silly
at first, but it works!!!!!!!!!!!!!! It works!!!!!!!! Good bye arm only

Way Poteat says:

Absolutely awesome, thank you so much!!! Broke my left ankle playing
Ultimate Frisbee, 4 surgeries over 5 years left me unwilling to transfer my
weight to my front (left) foot. I went from a 3 handicap to a 20. Been
taking lessons and have gotten down to a 13 and he’s constantly trying to
get me to fire with hips first but I just couldn’t figure out how to do it.
We’ve tried many drills but nothing clicked. I saw your video Saturday
evening and went to the range this morning and within 10 minutes I was
firing with my hips! Now I can’t wait to play again and show my coach I can
do it! Thank you for posting your video!!!

Dennis France says:

Hi Mark, have been an arms only swinger for years, have tried to use the
body more in the swing without much success. I shall do the hip turning
exercise you demonstrated. Thanks again. Dennis 

tryacid says:

I’ve got a bumb/slide issues that cause my shoulders to start throwing the
club. This move works wonders if your a slider like myself.

clambake28 says:

wow, after watching this i tried the drill and really realized how badly i
suffer from separating the hips. can not seem to do this drill and get the
proper hip rotation, i either get to “squirrely” in the knees or to much
lateral movement to get the hips to rotate properly. Something i guess i
gotta keep working. Good stuff, Thanks

Golfintoko says:

Many thanks Mark! I can’t wait to put it into practice.

Troy Vayanos says:

Thanks Mark, really well explained. This is something that I have been
struggling with, especially the shoulders spinning out too early in the
downswing. Cheers

Paul Young says:

will use this when warming up

DMac4077 says:

Thanks Mark this compleetly eliminated a hook i used to have now i can
swing more freely and also a bit better cheers : )

Sean Groomer says:

same bend with all your weight on that right leg and when you start your
down swing you push off your right and fire it to your left. I FINALLY
figured out why everyone kept telling me I swing with my hands only! Now I
can get my hips into it instead of straining myself on every shot with only
my arms! Your videos have deff helped! Thanks for taking the time out. My
only thing I’d say which is hard to get to everyone is to comment back
more! But I know your busy just try a little more! lol

goldenstar9 says:


MOYMOY812 says:

hope this will give me a nice abs as well.

Ryan Chambers says:

Hey Mark, I have an important question. I am a 1 to 2 handicap and just
bought nike vr pro combo irons and love them. the problem i am having is I
am hitting my irons far to high. i hit them straight and attack the pin but
i feel like it would benefit me to hit my irons lower with more spin. help
with distance too. if you can help trhat would be great! thanks! Ryan,
Ontario, Canada

pwrmek says:

Thanks so much for all the tips, lessons, and vids. I refer friends and
family to your channel, it has really helped me a great deal. I started
watching your vids in earnest at the start of this season and I have been
shooting routinely in the 70’s this year (used to be in the 90’s) – Thanks
again my friend and please keep up the good work !

Darius Saxton says:

haha what a tease!

BiTechxual says:

juicy hips! ;D

rtylerg says:

I found myself not being able to separate my hips from my shoulders hardly
at all. After a few days of practice in front of a mirror (should have seen
the look on my wife’s face the first time she walked in on me:) and working
on hip stretches, I’m hitting the ball perfectly. I can’t believe more
instructors don’t teach this!! Instead they tell me to do this or that with
my hands or keep my head steady. This is the secret!!

Alexander Muller says:

I’ll practice that. Shot 60 balls last tuesday to fix my over the top
swing, but 58 of the divots still were from out to in. So frustrating.

RobLow18Car says:

To quote Chubbs Peterson.. “It’s all in the hips”

paaar4 says:

Confused. Hips go forward, not toward the ball. But the “hold the club” and
turn your hips drill throws the hips out and around. I do this while trying
to hit a ball pushes me closer to the ball causing shots to the right or
worse, the dreaded “S”. Have you a better thought for getting the hips
involved and carrying the weight forward?

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