How To Improve Your Alignment Golf Lesson AskGolfGuru

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How To Improve Your Alignment Golf Lesson AskGolfGuru, Mark Crossfield answers more questions from his viewers. Improve your golf shots with better aim and improved accuracy.

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Mike Boatright says:

I found a nice practice technique for this on the course when know body is
around. Say on a 200 yard par 3 hit 6 balls 3 normal shots and 3 fades.
When you hit fades your shoulders are aimed way left and this will
naturally open up your swing.Doing this allows you to hit a straight one or
fade it its a good feel for your swing. Then gradually set up more square
until it feels better. 

trothiams says:

I get completely tricked once the angle to a hole changes, which can throw
my alignment out. I tend to hit more with an open stance, hence, slicing.
The idea of retraining is what I needed to hear. Sick of hitting straight
for 3 or 4 holes and then losing the alignment for the rest.

Rajesh Inparaj says:

THANK YOU!!!!!!!!! This is exactly what I have been struggling with. I am
going to forever love this video!. Thank You again!!!!!!!!!!!

MrJim1341 says:

Thank heavens for that! I was begining to think i was the only one who
played the game as if i didn’t know where i was going!

BiTechxual says:

camera angle..

Richard Andrews says:

Hi Mark, I have trouble with my alignment of my shoulders, my feet and hips
point square to my target, but my shoulders naturally aim left of target.
Have you got any drills or tips in order to check where my shoulders are
aiming over the ball. Enjoy the videos, keep up the good work.

Drew Robbins says:

Thanks for the Xmas video mark. Alignment is something I struggle with as
well. Have a good one.

Peter Sund says:

…perhaps the best lesson ever given. “..yes I hit 78, I just couldnt find
the center of fairways or greens. Whay was left or right? – These days I
cant tell – I f..ked it up.” Quote: John Daly 2005

Jordan Stirrat says:

Helped lots because i had this problem today. Didnt know what was wrong
untill i went on the range. Such a help thanks.

Joe Griggs says:

Mark, I have a swing here that I feel needs work. I do something funky at
the start of my downswing that I know I need to stop. I think it is slowing
down my swing speed. I don’t know, you tell me. Be honest, I want more than
just a pretty swing, I want to know where I am going to hit the ball before
I hit it, “consistently.” Thanks and have a Happy New Year!

Ingvar mällberg says:

Hi Mark,,i have follow you for 2 years now. You are dop

melvyn crabtree says:

The best golf coach on the net thanks Mark

dg says:

One of my issues too, my default is left. Doesn’t help when natural shot I
a draw

Joe Griggs says:

Hey Mark, I finally got my videos downloaded. I hope you find them. I
uploaded them to your response. Weekly fix.

Free Willy says:

Hello Mark, I am having trouble getting the ball where I want to go… I am
lining my feet and body up correctly but the club stays open! Can you help
me fix this problem?

Tracy S says:

How do you feel about the aliment rods which go on the ground and I saw a
video with an aliment rod threw a belt loops? Have you ever done a video on

cliverkay says:

Go and eat your Xmas dinner !!!

ToastedHoles says:

Hey Mark, my prefered shot is a fade. I don’t know what it is, but whenever
i set up for any shot, i hit a large push. I have tried so much to fix it,
do you know what i can do to stop it?

Ben Kisla says:

I hope to attend your event! I wish I could if I could get from Chicago to
bristoll. Be sure to post a video Ion it and merry Christmas!!

Kyle Rennie says:

“lets get stuck in.”?

deano3105 says:

I love your video feed haha “how to do a blowjob”….right got it…. now
for some golf videos


Brilliant….. 18 seconds lol

Ray Firsching says:

How about Jack Nicolas’ idea of standing behind the ball, picking a spot on
the line closer to you – in your line of vision, and image the old rail
road tracks leading down the line to the target, square up to that…and
give it bash?

ZeroSumJ1 says:

merry christmas mark! fumbs up as usual!

theMANxGOLFER says:

This is how I solved the problem he is talking about. Picking even a blade
of grass 2ft in front of the clubhead down the line and aligning around
that gets the ball started down my line. It also helps to get other hazards
out of my thoughts.

Haylen311 says:

nicklaus aims at a spot in front of the ball, lines up face of club through
the ball toward the intermediary target, lines his feet/body to the face
and is able to swing with commitment this way…would this solve the
problem mark?

TheEdmongo says:

First clip I really could connect to what you said about accepting the
“line”. It’s true about putting aswell. I use to putt like a…. Not so
good player untill I put a line on the ball and line it up “that a way” (no
bsb pun). I’ve heard that it takes 16 weeks/reps to gain a habbit. So 16
weeks of “stick lining” my long iron should help me. The stick usally catch
my attention when I’m swinging. Any tips for that accept than don’t look
after lining up?

Joe Griggs says:

Hey Mark, could you please respond to this if you found my videos. I played
yesterday and shot an 87, I am so excited but I am struggle 100 yrds and in
now, my pitching game has gone downhill. You will see in the video what is
going on with my pitching. Thanks again. I am getting close to breaking 80.

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