How to start your golf swing like a pro

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Starting your golf swing with the correct movement is absolutely crucial if you want to go on to make a great swing, which is powerful, accurate and consistent. Have a look at this really simple drill to help you learn how to start correctly every time.


Kwisatz Haderach says:

Lady, you have the shortest clearest instructional videos for golf on youtube.

Keith Dennis says:

Hi Natalie.
When you demonstrate the arms first takeaway, there is a lot of hand movement, hinging/cocking, which moves the alignment stick away from your body. Is this an exaggeration to make your point? If you try moving arms without the hand movement, the stick stays touching, but moves around the body.
Golf: so confusing.
Best wishes.

J's play says:

Holy cow. This was so useful to me. Why is it so much more entertaining to hear a woman speak about golf than a guy ? Is it just me?

Peter D says:

This is one of the best pieces of advice about the golf swing you can get. There's certainly some shots that require less rotation, but for most, this advice is gold.

Ludka Jedlickova says:

YESS, its my problem and this tips can help me:-) Tx Natalie.

Mike Donald Golf says:

like it nat !!!

이다짱 says:

Natalie, thanks you for great tip.

MrDannicki says:

Fantastic, thank you Natalie.

Harvie Childers says:

Who are the 28 people that think this wasn't a great tip???

Kernerenglish says:

Succinct. So many people have told me, "you're all arms," or, "you're using your arms too much." Now, that makes sense – and I have definitely had swing plane issues with all of the difficulties in developing a good "directional cone" (Bazalgette) predominantly slicing. Thanks!

Christopher Clayton says:

Great tip! Never saw, heard, or knew of this. It seems so EASY!

123 Menagerie says:

Most excellent tip! Thanks!

Winston Robinson says:

Hi Natalie, wonderful tip in helping me rotate around the spine.

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