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Here's 4 ways to help you strike your irons pure. Learn how Danny added 30 – 40 yards of distance to one of his clients iron play during a 30 minute lesson.

Striking your irons shots better, purer and with more accuracy requires a certain type of impact which Danny revels in this training.





Adam Grym says:

Holly sh-t, Danny has improved my performance on a golf course a mile… and that has happened almost "overnight", truly… and it came for free, no way… I want to contribute and please let me know how I can do that! If in Phoenix, Arizona ever, let me know…

Michael Taylor says:

A great piece of instruction put clearly an succinctly. Mike T

Cheng Soon say says:

Thank you so very

Bencursons1 says:

Great explanation

Dinodan says:

Well done Danny. Adding to your lesson, I noticed how you resisted moving your head forward as a way to resist premature body rotation.

mikal says:

Clubhead pressure of clubhead going down toward the ground, happens when the top hand pulls up at impact
Researcher, K. Miura , Japan proved that pull of butt end up and around lead hip creates additional clubhead speed

Of course the clubhead is the end of the lever. in order to move the clubhead end of the lever down, the top end of the lever has to move up. The faster the top butt end moves up, the faster the clubhead with pressure into the ball.

kerrpapa says:

Hello Danny, What a great video! This spot on and has helped me in my iron striking. Along with your lesson, I added an extra thought to it. If I may, I would like to add something I "visualize" when I am coming down ("straight down" as you said). I visualize I am pulling on a large vertical rope to the ground with my hands in the downward stroke (being careful that this is done with my arms and hands, not by bending my upper body). Then I visualize I am "throwing" the end of the rope towards the target followed up by "wrapping" the rope around the top of my left shoulder (right handed), down across my back to my right hip. This along with your instruction has helped me. Anyway, thanks for all of your work and instruction!

Lee Sanders says:

Classy video Danny

David Newell says:

I finally get it. Thank you so much.

Ross Thomas says:

I really dig this video!! Very well done sir!

Roy J. Lunga says:

Fantastic stuff i am sure this also helps with an early extension.

Ian Pentz says:

Boy that’s pure magic, I watch another pro video explaining the hitting down, but he failed to mention don’t rotate upper body, I’ve never shanked the ball like that in my life, as I was coming over with the right shoulder ?

switchbank says:

concise and brilliant stuff… well done … subscribed

James Natial says:

Is this the same with long irons?

oskarmac14 says:

Man, have I a lot of learning to do at the range.
I know about compression, but jeez, to break old habits!
Thank you!

goodswen mark says:

compress the ball 100 percent

William Boyko says:

Danny, you said that you should compress the ball. Shouldn’t you at some point turn the head of the club ( in a fashion similar to a baseball bat). When I do the baseball bat move I seem to get effortless power when I time it correctly. I feel there is more power than if I were to just compress the ball. That is to say if I were to do one move rather than the other ( baseball vs compress). Thank you for all of your time, help and work.

Tony Phobaingern says:

Thx a lot, I have just self-dicovered this technic today at driving range.
Previously, i always wonder why other players hit so far , and I keep blaming my iron.
Anyway, technic work for me, I can hit 15-20yrds futher.
7i from 150-170
8i from 130-150.

justin Olivier says:

Some people sy if i practice every day it can make my golf swing worse. How many times a week thats make it better my golf ?? Im from indonesia and i love your video is very helpful to me . Thanks danny

MrMannydac says:

I do like the ‘caveats’ you include.
They are very relevant and and a good guide to watch out for.

paul113757 says:

This is definitely how I swing the club, I never take a divot and I hit the ball really high. I carry a 9 iron 120 yards and I know it should go longer than that. Thanks for another great lesson,,,Paul.

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