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Are you someone who suffers from an out to in golf swing and all you want is an in to out golf swing? In this golf lesson Matt fryer talks you through how to achieve an in to out golf swing with a few simple moves and checkpoints throughout the golf swing to look for. In the golf lesson there is also a simple drill that you can do in your practice to help you achieve the feelings of the in to out golf swing. If you achieve this in your golf swing like the great golfers of the game, Rory McIlroy, Tiger Woods and even back to the likes of Gary Player, you will have a more consistent strike and control of your golf ball.

This golf lesson was shot at Warrington Golf Club –

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P C says:

Brilliant! Without even having a stick to throw (or turf to throw it into), I've already noticed my trail arm lowering on the way down in slow motion. I'm visualizing a small circle just behind and inside the ball (call it 7o'clock looking down the line), and pretending to throw a stick and stab it into the ground into that circle has given me the "feel" that I've been looking for. Great video! I've been hearing "in to out" and "swing toward right field" for years, but this already feels like the trigger I've been looking for. Thanks!!

John T Little says:

Excellent drill and explanation! Thank you very much.

J-W Beekmans says:

Hi Matt, thank you for this video! Finally something that works… allmost. I have been getting some fat shots and I find it difficult to deliver the club at the ball (feels trapped a bit behind me). Have some additional tips?
I was swinging my clubs out to in a bit (3-5 degrees O2I) this really occurs when I go for it, trying to create speed. I'am 6'3" and play from HCP14.

mikewabrown says:

Thanks for this. I needed help with this

April C says:

Seven years already passed when I began playing and all those years were filled with practices and lessons. When I obtained the golf swing strategies, I was able to make a 75 shot after 2 buckets. I managed to get more accustomed to many golf ideas like grip, ball position and through swing drills. My earlier handicap is thirteen, but now I am starting to drop it. This particular guide is a plus! I found this guidebook by Google. Name is Logan Ballοyshot

John Feilmeier says:

Great instruction and swing thought!

Tom Madaj says:

Great swing thought!

Grant Hodges says:

Fantastic explanation Matt, I’ve been working on this myself by keeping my trail elbow almost against my body as I come through the ball. Love your tips, keep them coming because you’re so practical.

Parski says:

Great idea. Can't wait to try this swing thought in my round this Friday. Thanks, MATT … keep up the good work.

Nickolas Pickering says:

Great video Matt! This is something I've been working on in my swing and I think it will help tremendously.

john burens says:

Great tutorial! I had someone video my swing from behind and from the front across from me. I just used it with your video to see I'm not swinging from out to in. What I did find is at address I'm not centered over the ball, but rather leaning back toward my right foot. Time to go to the range and practice staying centered while coming from out to in. I found your channel from Rick and Pete.

Malcolm A. says:

Had this problem at times in the past but thankfully not now [fingers crossed]
Keep up the good work Matt; really enjoying your vlogs

TheKloot03 says:

Where should you aim the “spear” for a driver swing? Behind the ball so the swing bottoms out and you hit the ball on the way up?

Leslie Hines says:

great swing thought – thank you

anderman1970 says:

Lucky for me, something I've never suffered from, now open club face is another story.?

kevin mcarthur says:

Another great drill thanks Matt

Brian Treadwell says:

About to swap clubs so acclimatizing to those and over the winter – 100 yards and in

Brian Rizza says:

You're getting very good at hitting these bad swings be careful to not them sneak into your game ha ha ha. Great tutorial and drills Mr Fryer

Eric Anderson says:

I like the visual

Harry Base says:

Never thought about it like that. Will Definitely have to try that one, thank you!! Side Question, how are you liking those 790s? Any overly long "oh crap" shots??

Randy Young says:

Great tip. Will try tomorrow.

Mark Bennett says:

Really great drill Matt thx

Dougie Robertson says:

Another top analogy to use on the range tomorrow. Thanks for all your videos they are helping.

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