I BOUGHT EVERY DRIVER To Find The Best of 2021

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I got custom fit for every driver to find out if there is one that is actually the best in 2021. The Titleist TSi3, Cobra Rad Speed, Ping G425 LST, TaylorMade SIM 2, Callaway Epic Speed.
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My Gear List
60 Wedge Vokey SM7 Bounce 8 Degree M Grind
54 Wedge Vokey SM7 Bounce 12 Degree D Grind
50 Wedge Vokey SM7 Bounce 8 Degree F Grind
46 Wedge Vokey SM7 Bounce 10 Degree F Grind
Titleist t200 4 – 9 Iron – LAGP AXS Shafts
Titleist TSi 3 LAGP Trono Shaft – Driver 9.0
Titleist TS 3 – 3 Metal – LAGP Trono Shaft
Scotty Cameron 2018 Newport 2 – Putter 34″
Ball – Titleist ProV1x

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joejoey1983 says:

Yes I use 50 gram stiff shaft 60 is too heavy for me

saint patrick says:

ping , king it's just fun to say

Antonio Partida says:

the amount of detail and explanation provided is very underrated!

Eddie Flickinger says:

Club champion is a rip off. Do not use them u less you enjoy pissing money away

David Forbes says:

After purchasing a Sim two driver the manager picked my shaft saying any problems he would sort the settings out,I went for a light weight shaft and 10.5 standard loft. My first round the club is Fantastic and worth every penny I paid.my age is seventy eight and I managed 240 yards twice

lazerflavor says:

Can you do a video on carry distances in weather and what drop off to expect when playing? I have a 111-115 driver club head speed (one is smooth, one is absolutely laying into it) and on a sim I carry between 260 and 290. However, I live in the PNW and recently played on what I felt was a hot day (65°). I smashed a shot towards a bunker with a max distance of 251 out and just caught the lip, when I thought I’d easily carry it as it was a solid connection and I laid into it. I have no idea what to expect or how to account for it in colder weather and could use some guidelines.

Rich G says:

Sim2 max rocks! I'm totally not biased or anything 🙂

Lee Jamaldeen says:

Great content! Would you consider in the future making a similar video for Driver for Juniors what be the most forgiving, price point. Distance, what degree setting 10°/ 12°,etc. My son is in USKidsGolf – LA tour. I am trying to figure what would be good fit

Pewpew Life says:

You didn’t try the srixon? Have you tried the Bridgestone drivers or mizuno driver? I’d like to see some of those tested. If possible of course

James Hoben says:

sorry, short of covering all the products out there! like reading an old golf magazine with the major sponsors only reviewed. lots of other brands out there!!!

prebuiltsold23 channel says:

will you sell any of the drivers?

EspressoShot says:

he kind sounds like heath ledgers JOKER

John Joe says:

MR.SG, always great vids. I am going to get fitted after watching your video. Most of things you say about short game: approach, chip shots, ect. makes lots of sense. Can you do more bunker shot making and wedge selection? Thanks, also if you can do long iron swings more.

Reviews says:

Would you come to Washington and play we can get you lodging food and some beautiful golf courses

Daeng Azzli says:

Love to get one of those..mine was too too old driver..not afford to buy a new one

Garrett B says:

I feel like getting fitted is fine but not as important as people think. In golf your swing is constantly changing and evolving. Wouldn't your optimal fitting change with your swing a bit??

Phil Smith says:

What about the pxg clubs

C Thompson says:

Should have added the Tour Edge C721. It probably would have been the winning club.

Michael Moss says:

Hi Matt, did you put the same grips on all the drivers?

Lucky Duck says:

Great vid, yes 2100 and Calloway 2200 spin rates would be my 1 and 2 especially in windy Texas!! Hit ‘‘em straight-

DrOz says:

Just found you today. Subscribed to ya. Like the content. Merry Christmas.

Mike Marchetta says:

i own a sim 2…. its so long. i've never picked up so many yards from a new club and i've been playing for 20 years

Steve P says:

I just got fit for irons recently and it was wild to see the performance difference with different shafts on those. I'm looking forward to getting a driver fitting also in the next month or couple of months.

Steven Hill says:

Presuming no PXG because the store does not have them? Would love to see them added to the mix.

Mj says:

I understand 60 grams but 6S shaft means what? What about PXG, Mizuno? What is the cost of these shafts?

angrybuzzy says:

Great video and info. It appears like all the spin numbers on the simulator were estimates? What launch monitor do you use?

Dan Story says:

The Ventus 6S didn't work for me in the SIM. I switched to the Mitsubishi Tensei AV 65 x-flex and lived happily ever after.

Finding Fairtrades says:

That rdx blue by all reports seems to be a banger shaft. I ha e a rdx black….want to try the blue.

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