In this video, Neil Tappin offers his views on the best drivers of 2022. Over the last two months, he has tested a vast array of drivers at different price-points. He looks at the 2022 models and breaks up his verdict into five key categories: Looks, Feel, Consistency, Distance and Value. He then offers his overall pick for his best driver of 2022. If you are thinking of investing in a new driver this year, our video should help!

Driver specs:
Callaway Rogue ST Max 10˚, Tensei C+Blue 55s shaft
Callaway Rogue ST Max LS 9˚, Tensei Blue 55s shaft
Cobra LTDx 10.5˚, Tensei 65s silver shaft
Cobra LTDx LS 10.5˚, Tensei 65s silver shaft
Honma T//World GS 9.5˚, Honma Speed Tuned 55s
Mizuno ST-G 10˚, Hzurdus Smoke 60g s, weight forward
Mizuno ST-Z 220 9.5˚ Hzurdus Smoke 60g s
PING G425 Max 9˚, Tour 65s
Srixon ZX7 9.5˚, Hzurdus Smoke 60g s
TaylorMade Stealth 9˚ Aldila Ascent 60 s
TaylorMade Stealth Plus 9˚ Aldila Ascent 60 s
Titleist TSi3 10˚, Tensei Blue 55 x

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14 thoughts on “BEST DRIVERS 2022

  1. I just purchased a PXG 0211 Aldila AVS 45! grams A shaft, got fitted, and increased my distance by 10% (which I think is huge). As a 66-year old, I now hit my drives 210-220m (230-240y – clubhead speed 85-88mph) consistently on the fairway. I’m surprised every time to find my drives to be so long because the sound is much more muted than my former driver (PING G Alta 55g R flex). And it’s real value for money in my opinion 🙂

  2. I have the Radspeed XB and absolutely love it. Got it for a superb price on sale. takes all the boxes for me – sound, feel, accuracy – the only thing I am missing is the matt top finish which they got now in the LTD X ! Well done cobra! superb golf drivers and by far the best value!

  3. maybe you should have tested the rogue st max ls, by far the best driver on the market to date.dont get me wrong, i am a huge cobra fan and got fitted for a st max ls and that driver made me break my cobra set to put it in the bag.

  4. Was playing the TS3 and looking for a new driver, the Cobra LTDx LS gained me 10 yards on average and after playing a few rounds with it…its a beast. Looks amazing at address and by far performed better. I sprung for the black out version and love it.

  5. Just got fitted for the first time and the ltdx was the winner, going from a 20 year old cobra 400z to that, I’m buzzing off me tits to get it in the bag now, waiting delivery ?

  6. I'll tell you around my club only one people are talking about is the stealth, but in all Fairness talyolrmade came out and was having a demo test day. I played 9 with the whole bag driver, woods, irons and they were good the but besides the drive I wouldn't trade my 718s. Hitting a M6 driver and woods and think ill wait a year till can find some used ones.

  7. For how much press and promotion the stealth got you see a lot of them for sale already
    But that cobra ltd ls is a beast without all the shouting that the others have done

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