THE BEST GOLF DRIVERS UNDER £50 from the major manufacturers

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The best golf drivers for under £50 from Ping, Taylormade and Mizuno. All the major golf manufacturers are brining out new driver after new driver but just how good are older golf drivers and can they really compete with the best golf drivers of 2022 and 2023. New golf drivers are expensive and will also devalue faster than a modern car, so should you really be buying the latest greatest best new golf drivers. The second hand market is full of great golf drivers that could suit beginner golfers and experienced golfers allowing them to play some great golf. Mark Crossfield and Coach Lockey test some amazing golf drivers from some of the biggest names in golf to see just how dated the old drivers are compared to the new models.

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Mark Crossfield says:

What’s your favourite driver of all time?

Eugene Patten says:

I don’t like they way you use the standard deviation in your explanations of the data,, but I do like the fact you use it 🤷🏻‍♂️🤣

yousaidwinglikeabirdswing says:

That MP600 was an absolute beast of a driver

zachjal says:

Gaming the Callaway big bertha until my guy Kev Kiz stops using it!

drumthrasher says:

Where has 262 Mark gone?

giblicker says:

Still gaming the Burner which most often gives me a chance on my next strike . What more can you ask for ?
Cheers on some good content for the rest of us .

Alistair McIntosh says:

Still got the Ping G10 in the bag – matches my irons 😉 Got the choice of the 9deg or 13.5 draw.

Andrew Rose says:

Great video, very polite in not going further and adding that as a golfers handicap goes up the greater the deviation the less you get out of a new driver vs old.
Would love to see something similar with irons under £150-200

Philip Humphreys says:

Switching between epic flash and tmade sim 2 max – but really missing my g400 max which just felt easier to smash👍👍

Tom's Tuppence says:

I used a Ping G2 until it broke recently, swapped to a Ping i15 which is one of the best looking drivers down by the ball I've ever seen, especially when paired with the golden UST Mamiya Proforce shaft

Brian Minhinnick says:

Callaway razr

michael kennedy says:

Still using the Taylor made r7

Jordan Dillard says:

I got a Titleist 913D3 for $50. Out drove my friend with his SIM2 yesterday

mikenortheyes says:

I have the ping G400 LST with tour65 S.
Best club I’ve ever hit

Glen Smith says:

I have a Cobra S2 with 10.5 degrees loft and I love it. It has a UST Tour Force 55 Platinum Ultra Lite Stiff Flex shaft and I believe the shaft is right for me. It cost $99AUD BRAND NEW on clearance sale at a retail golf shop. It is the best driver I've ever had. I don't believe in paying $500AUD plus for a new driver which promises everything bar the kitchen sink. I believe it is the manufacturers' marketing saying that it's an improved model on the previous one that they released just over 12 months ago. Anyway, get the right shaft, it represents 90% of the performance of the club.
Cheers Glen.

stevie b says:

Price of second hand drivers have shot through roof . Should be called drivers under £70 tbf. 😁

David says:

I’m using a bright blue Cobra Bio Cell. Beautiful. It goes right a lot but with me delivery nothing is going to go straighter. So I save the pennies and enjoy how cheerful it looks behind the ball.

Peter Day says:

Had that Mizuno MP600, probably the most consistent driver I ever owned, but……if you're a decent driver of a ball (and it's the strongest part of my game) nothing, in my opinion, comes close to a Taylormade driver for distance and forgiveness. I've got no plans to chop in my R1 anytime soon, great at address and great performance. Dabbled with newer drivers but keep going back to the R1.

Matt Aamold says:

Ping G10 was my gamer for years. One day it just wouldn't get into the air, Some small crack in the face or shaft. it was done.

Michael Ashworth says:

Just shows that golf equipment is a marketing man's dream. If you're good at golf it's you not the gear.

Anton Dzurej says:

I am still using TM R11 🙂

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