I CAN'T BELIEVE IT! | 2023 Adams Golf Idea Clubs | Full Review

In this video TEJ reviews the newest Adams Golf Idea driver, fairways and hybrids. Are these the best cost-to-performance ratio clubs in golf? Watch to find out!

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11 thoughts on “I CAN'T BELIEVE IT! | 2023 Adams Golf Idea Clubs | Full Review

  1. I just picked up a set of the 2023 Adams irons with UST Helium graphite shafts for $225.00! They look awesome and can't wait to get to the simulator. My handicap has been between 7-12 for the last 10 years. I still play Adams A7os hybrids (3-5) I hit them high and long which is what I need. I have tried all the major brand hybrids, but they are so light I can't control them. I love how the Adams land soft on the green. The new clubs look great and have a TaylorMade flavor to them while keeping the Adam's traditional look. I have heard great things about the new Adams driver. I also love the AG logo. I hope these clubs perform as well as the old Adams clubs did.

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