Improve Driver Contact With This Simple Tip (Golf Driver Drills)

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If you are looking to improve the contact on your driver golf swing, this is one of the simplest golf driver drills to help you improve contact.

When you take your golf driver setup, before you start your golf takeaway, simply hover the driver behind the ball, allowing you to bear the weight of the club. Your golf driver is the only club that is always teed up when you swing it, and this is one of the simplest golf drills to help you with better contact.

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Shane Deel says:

I’m constantly clipping my driver and the ball goes nowhere

Angela Amoroso says:

Hovering? Are you kidding? Well you know what – IT WORKS! Not only am I hitting a longer ball, but straighter shot – allowing for my "natural" draw. Took hardly any time to get use to this hovering. My pro thinks I´m nuts, but cannot deny what he sees! Now…back to that inconsistent short game. 🙂

Diesel 80 says:

Doesn’t work


Seeing the Cobra AMP irons in the intro took me down memory lane

Miriam Dalglish says:

Thanks Todd goingbto try this tip. Hope I don't sky it but willing to try. Thanks

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