PING Golf Drivers Comparison: G425 Max vs. G410 Plus vs. G400 Max

This PING golf drivers comparison uses Trackman technology to compare the PING G425 Max driver, which takes MOI to the max while maintaining low spin, to high-MOI drivers of PING's past two generations including the PING G410 Plus and the PING G400 Max.

2nd Swing master fitter Thomas Campbell and Drew Mahowald compare all three models head-to-head in a golf drivers comparison and provide feedback not only on the data from Trackman, but also on the appearance and feel.

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11 thoughts on “PING Golf Drivers Comparison: G425 Max vs. G410 Plus vs. G400 Max

  1. Thomas you do a great job keeping your swings very similar throughout your club reviews, and that is fantastic. It produces accurate information. ?????? thank you to the both of you for this review.


  2. I hit Titliest drivers for years. Decided to move ta a Ping g400 for forgiveness. To my liking the Ping goes just as far but is much more forgiving. My course requires accuracy over power. Tree lined fairways. I am around 13 handicapp. Also a Golf course Superintent and have seen every bad shot there is. Finally my search is over for now with Ping drivers. Thanks guys!

  3. Just like the previous comment it would be nice to see how these perform with a 85-87 MPH club head swing. Just guessing but I think this swing speed range must be the bulk of the people that would Benifit from these forgiving drivers.

  4. I bought a g400 driver off of OfferUp for 80 bucks. Had a regular flex CB alta shaft in it which I sold for 40 and bought a 100 dollar hazardous yellow xstiff shaft. So I’m in at 140 bucks. Going to do the golf club research and use lead tape to turn it into a g425 max. How sweet of a golf club hack will this be?!?

  5. G400 Max been in my bag for 3 years. Average about 260 yds and always near or on the fairway. Sometime i get past 270's when I hit it good. Loft at 8.0 with super stiff. Its time I pick up a new driver. PXG XT or XF at 300.00 bucks is a steal.

  6. Not sure I agree with "the most consistent driver of the day G425 …" Drew. I'd say "the driver Thomas hit most consistently on the day is G425". There is a limit to how much the club's 'forgiveness' can overcome a poor strike. It would be interesting to look at the two poor strikes Thomas made (one with the G400 and one with the G410) vs the worst of the strikes with the G425 to assess just how much forgiveness was needed for each club.

    Delete the two poor strikes and the G410 is the equal of the G425, if not better, and the G400 is so close the differential is practically irrelevant.

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