Increase Golf Swing Speed: Simple Stick Drill For Warm Up And Practice

Increase Golf Swing Speed: Simple Stick Drill For Warm Up And Practice

Alex Fortey and Golf Monthly Top 25 Coach, Alistair Davies share some simple golf tips on how to increase swing speed with a great practice drill that improves your golf swing sequence.

Having more power in an effortless swing without needing to force it is crucial for a better golf game and indeed scores.

How to add more yards with driver and increase your swing speed is one of the most common questions we get here at The Art of Simple Golf and this simple golf swing drill will have you feeling faster swing speed.

This simple practice drill can be used as a pre round warm up as well improve your swing sequence and in turn the distances that you can generate with every club in the bag.

All pretty good things i'd say 🙂

Being able to nudge out a few extra yards off the tee when required is not only fun but very useful when it comes to certain golf holes.

A good practice drill like this help train your body and indeed mind to increase speed for your golf swing.

It does not focus on positions. It's abut the feel and movement that is a golf swing.

No more wasting time thinking about those so called perfect positions; they simply don't exist! We will show you what to focus on and how to develop your skills through simple tasks that will make you look like a seasoned and capable golfer.

So enjoy the video on how to hit longer drives and go and see our other golf lesson because when you own these simple golf swing practice drills in your golf arsenal, you will see a huge advantage over your friends and also your scores!

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