Increase Swing Speed With This Pivot Move

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Here's how to increase swing speed…
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This is really for any age group, but I'm kind of talking about people in my age group. I'm 58 years old. And as we get older, we tend to lose some of our swing speed, and I know everybody likes to hit it far, so let me just give you a couple of things you can do to increase your swing speed.

The number one thing I see with some of the students I work with that are a little bit older is they tend to just kind of take the club back with their arms and they try to generate some speed on their downswing, and they're not as efficient as they could be.

If you look at all the golfers gone by, from Ben Hogan, to Sam Snead, to Bobby Jones, certainly more recently, Bubba Watson and John Daly… These guys all have enormous hip turns.

Their pivot is very dynamic, which gives them an awful lot of swing speed to hit the golf ball pretty far.

In a past video, I talked about making a more dynamic pivot…
(This one: )

If you saw that video, what I talked about was, once you set up, you pretend somebody calls your name from behind, you turn to look at them, our hips have turned a good amount, which is going to free up our shoulders to turn even more.

A lot of times, people get here, these hips stop doing things, and we get a lot of lifting.


So the two main things I'm talking about here is, let's turn our hips and let's turn the shoulders to increase our swing speed.

What I really want you to focus on is, on the backswing, I really want a dynamic pivot. Let those hips turn. The more you can get those hips turning, the easier it is for your shoulders to follow.

You're going to get a much more dynamic pivot, and that's going to increase the speed of your golf swing. Watch the video to see what it looks like.

At first, when you do this, you may feel like you're losing control a little bit, like you're moving way off the golf ball, and that's not unusual. But I want you to stick with it and see if you can stretch that backswing out, continue to make a dynamic turn, a really nice pivot where that hip goes back and those shoulders are really turning.

So watch the video and try this out. Increase your hip turn, which is going to help your shoulders turn more, and increase your swing speed.

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Robert Bernard says:

Jim, how do I get more flexibility in getting my left alarm higher as being an ex weight trainer, my pectoral muscles get in the way and stop me from taking my left arm back as high as yours without me bending it at the elbow?

Dan Milwicz says:

What you illustrate is true but you neglect to speak about the roll of kicking in the left knee on the backswing. Then starting the downswing by transferring weight back to the left knee and and foot. I noticed that you have turned your left foot out so that when you transfer your weight back the the left, you clear your hips for speed. In other words, you step on the gas with your left knee, leg, and foot.

Gladys Suares López de De Martis says:

Thanks a lot for the lesson. Success in everything good you want to do Jim. el negro Walter Jose De Martis Suares. From San Borja Lima Peru.

Tv S says:

I'll try it. I'm 64 and have lost 20-30yds over that last 4 years. My drives are only 230-240yds. I've moved up a set of tees because of it, next stop is the ladies tees. This better help or else…I'll try muscle milk.

Maple Brook Homes says:

58 and he can get his left arm that straight and that high… jealous. Mine is bent and crimped like a broken old pipe. Good lessons thanks. And it does feel like you'll lose control w that bigger turn..

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