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Inspirational Course Vlog Part 1 with Ben Tullipan
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Rick Shiels PGA says:

Ok I really don’t get why someone has disliked this video? These guys are
so inspirational it was a pleasure playing with them 

Rick Shiels PGA says:

Inspirational Course Vlog Part 1 with Ben Tullipan & Jamie Turner!

Both incredible golfers considering there situations 


Will you be at the Manchester golf show rick?

John Dough says:

Let’s be honest–both of these guys would probably beat most of us who
watch Rick’s videos.

Matt Caldwell says:

These guys amaze me, so awesome to see them play! #MoreInspirationalVlogs

TheBigdave1988 says:

As a prosthetist/Orthotist this is brilliant to watch. Truly amazing
progress keep it going lads 

Diego Diaz says:

This is why this game can be the greatest game ever played !! Fair play
Gents. Fair play indeed !!

MrShanghai34 says:

another absolutely fantastic vlog.

Allan Crowder says:

Rick-I have been a fanboy of your videos for a while now and this one is
the best. How I would love to run into these two guys on the course and
hear their stories, what an inspiration. I have fond memories of golfing
the Gold Coast and if you fellas added me, an old Canuck with a Pommie and
two Aussies we pretty got most of the Empire covered, well not really, but
a good portion. Great watch.

Ryan scarington says:

What gives Rick the ability to call himself a professional?

Ryan Powell says:

This is awesome Rick!

Brisbane Golf Course Reviewer says:

Great one mate, greens look pretty good. Everyone show some love to Ben and
his page. Well done again +Rick Shiels PGA

P-M Meiners says:

Great stuff, take my had off for these guys.

Seamus Griffin says:

Great video Rick. As an amputee myself I was wondering if the PGA has
taught you Pros how to teach golf to people with various disabilities?
You always take fitness, age and mobility into account when teaching but
what about adaptations to the swing and techniques for people with missing
limbs etc? I hit straight shots more often than not and pitch and putt
great but find it difficult to reach greens in regulation.

Jason Fisher says:

Good on you Rick, these guys are amazing, it reminds me of a chap I saw
playing golf at a local course to me, he only had one arm, I couldn’t
believe how well he struck the ball every time. I was both shocked and
amazed, golf is for everyone who wants to give it a go.

mal j says:

Golf is a wonderful leveller, great to see some hero’s

GoldGlov3 says:

The bird won the game of chicken

gordon o'riordan says:

well done Rick and the guys I wouldn’t blame Ben for hitting that bird when
he was putting, its probably the only way to shut them up lol

Daniel Higginbotham says:

Love the vlog! I am constantly checking your account to see your latest
videos, I just have to ask what kind of grips does Ben have on his irons!
Loving the colors! Cheers guys you are a true inspiration to the game! 

SatsumaBomb says:

Great video and if those guys can overcome adversity to play then we’ve got
no excuses 

James Littler says:

Very humbling. Well played, fellas.

rieks gnodde says:

Your a big inspiration!!!! Great watching you guys play. I`m a player with
a lame right arm, struggling with my fantastic game of golf..but, after
seeing this……speechles……

Joel's Golf Journey says:

Awesome vlog. #inspired

Alejandro Somoza says:

Just Awesome… Please upload part 2…

Keith Goldberg says:

Wow talk about inspirational, awesome vlog!

titan90000 says:


What a great video. I love that golf is a sport in which so many different
people can play together and have fun. I am a right leg below amputee
myself, good to see these guys out having a great time on the course.

Jim Sulima says:

Awesome they are out playing 

Matthew Turnbloom says:

These guys are wonderful. With all they have been through they still manage
get out and enjoy a round and life in general. Plus they play better then
me… A great inspiration!

Mezident says:

Good on ya Rick!

Alex Welch says:

amazing stuff! great video Rick :)

kenny mattson says:

Awesome vlog Rick, keep it up!!!

Dane Beall says:

Good video. Looking to get some irons need help. I play with some old irons
from the 80s I’m a beginner need help

Tom Hough says:

Great video Rick. These guys have been through a lot. I haven’t been
through anything near as much as them but Golf has always helped me, a kind
of escape to forget all your troubles and have great time playing. Well
done. Subscribed. 

Hassan hat says:

Rick spelling mistake on in my golf bag! And also iv clocked why the birds
are going mad, it’s because they thinks the ball are there eggs! 

louis dowkes-white says:

Great video Rick, only thing, at 15 mins 29 secs, it says ‘om’ not on 🙂
but still great video!! :)

l says:

No more excuses people, sore back, golfers elbow, to cold to hot, and all
the other pathetic excuses used, think of these guys when thinking like
that and get out there with a smile well done boys lets see if Rick can get
a win in Australia :)

Scott Yule says:

I love it when people are told they can’t do something and they give a big
f##k you and do it.True inspiration lads,bonza!

Chris Milton says:

One of the best things about our game is that everyone can play and compete
at a fair level. Fair play to these guys their inspirational

Hassan hat says:

Well done Ben and Jamie played well !

wutpo76 says:

Sounded like Pterodactyls on first hole! Birds were just loud as hell!
Love the guys on this video. Great golf from great guys.

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