Instantly Improve Your Putting With These Simple Tips

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Lots of shots get left out on the golf course due to a poor putting performance but in this video I show you how to instantly improve your putting with these simple tips.

Improving your putting performance comes from 2 main areas, getting your first put closer and having a higher success rate from short distance, the tips in this video will allow you to do both.

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00:00 Intro
01:39 Stable Lower Body
03:38 Use Your Eyes
06:13 Line Up Your Ball
09:04 Process Not Outcome

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Mike Jarrett says:

Love that lower body stability exercise , thanks Chris, have really been struggling at 40+ per round !!

Shaun Wildenstein says:

Not a pro golfer but I have found to help stop lower body movement. I push my legs outward using my feet. So my legs are tensed prior to putting. Keeps my hips from rotating.

charles hoever says:

Only track putts per round. Everything else is too complicated for me to keep track of.

Jason Bergren says:

The bloopers at the beginning never get old, haha! I love changing it up with some putting tip videos. Ball marking with a line is something I haven't done yet but really should! The best advice I was given was to imagine a hole the size of a trash can opening as your hole to sink in for your first putt- Just try and get it close don't go for it all. Set yourself up nice for your second putt. Thanks for the videos as always Chris! Cheers!~

Dave Hurley says:

Practice most days in house doing different drills on puttout then play and miss everything out on the course ☹

Real says:

These intros are some of my favorites in the Goof Youtuber-verse. Can't wait for this putting lesson.

Great reminders. Great video. The only thing I don't do in this is draw a line on my ball. It's odd but I used to try it when I played comp golf and I found it distracting to the point where it would cause me to hit worse putts. I don't know why but it's just easier for me to have a blank white ball and then pick a spot 8" in front of my ball and roll it over that. If I can't roll the ball over a spot 8" in front of my ball reliably I have major issues.

But that's me, it must be my ADHD or something because to my eye, it changes my stroke. I'm weird, lol.

Invisible Graveyard says:

Right now all I care about is eliminating ALL 3-putts.

Fraser Lawson says:

A few weeks back I scored a gross 80 with 9 three-putts. Very frustrating. Literally throwing shots away. I think my problem is movement of the lower body, leading to the unpredictable heel, toe, middle striking "lottery".
Thanks, Chris.

Christopher Bender says:

I track putts per hole/total putts.. great tips.. over the last year I have shaved 10 strokes off my handicap, and other that hitting the ball 20 yards longer, putting is my current focus..

David K says:

Great video but would appreciate some tutorial on reading greens, breaks, speed etc

Laurence Daubney says:

I track number of one putts. Unfortunately I haven’t had many lately 😡

Tony Pezzolesi says:

The only putting stats that stick in my mind are the 3 putts 🙁

ian moore golf says:

I'm currently working on putting and have started feeling for grain whilst waiting for my turn. It makes a huge difference on sloping putts over distance

swiper31 says:

I score so high (trying to break 100) that I just track how many putts it takes me on each hole.

paul crompton says:

Another great video Chris. I had a nine hole playing lesson with my teacher today and his parting words were “your putting needs work” so this is really timely. I am going to start working on your tips immediately. thanks

swiper31 says:

"45.. that's how many putts he had last time he played.."

Looks at my scorecard from last weekend with 45 putts

I feel attacked….

Golf Nut NZ says:

Playing off 8 and putting has been drastically improved by following your last vid on putting, when you said about looking at the line, decide on, get into the zone, walk up to the ball and hitting it without any practice swings. Amazing but works for me. Not as good as the remarkable masterclass by Cantlay but I’m happy with it.
Great lesson though and thank you again.

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