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Jess Bush says:

my two big problems are over the top-which I worked on today- and sway- which I will work on tomorrow with this drill. Nice to get a drill without having to watch a 15 minute video that contains 30 seconds of substance. You have gone directly to the substance. Well done and thank you.

Andy66 L says:

1 to try tomorrow, cheers Mark👍

Mike Jackson says:

Love these tips

Skip Murphy says:

Love your tips Mark. Short, easy to follow and always helpful.

John Schwartz says:

Mark! I've used this practice swing for years (hip level length) side to side, heal to heal. I'll have to try the narrower stance!!! Great suggestion!!!

sneaky shotz says:

I tend to struggle with committing to attacking the ball…i lift up.and come out of it sometimes because my mind panics that I'm going to just smash the club into the floor and hit a big fat shot and look silly…😄

theLMG says:

So glad I had this in the auto play list. So bored of the ‘amazing swing’ dross objectifying women. Keep em coming mark

P E says:

Great tips thanks Marc

Paul Grey says:

Hi Mark, great tip, I struggle finding the ground at times resulting in thin or bladed shots.. some tips on this would be great.

Andrew Flynn says:

I struggle with low point and end up either flipping or just adding loft.

Recently went for a fitting and was anywhere from 0.5-2in behind on low point.

Barry Emery says:

Now, that looks like a great tip, will be trying this one for sure, thanks Mark

Aaron Hinchman says:

I struggle getting the club to shallow. I tend to get to the top of my backswing and immediately rotate without letting my arms fall enough so I’m left with the only option of out-to-in club path

After 2am says:

I Stuggle with keeping my hands forward of the ball at impact… will this or another drill help me?

Blue Moon says:

Struggle getting height on 5-7 irons.

william keane says:

Love these little tips, I've struggled with balance so definitely going to give this a go

David Miller says:

I am struggling with this. I’ll give it a try. Thanks, Mark!

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