AVOID These 3 DRIVER MISTAKES – Simple Golf Tips

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AVOID These 3 Driver MISTAKES – Simple Golf Tips

In this golf lesson Matt Fryer Golf shares with you the 3 most common mistakes he see's with driver. If you think you are making one of these mistakes, MattFryer Golf teaches you how to correct them and start hitting your driver better.

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Hi I’m Matt Fryer, welcome to my channel MattFryerGolf. This YouTube channel is to help you play better golf and love the game even more!

I specialise in golf lessons, golf club news and other entertaining golf content.

I you want to play better golf I cover all topics in my golf lessons such as, how to fix your slice, fix your hook, help you drive the golf ball longer, hit your irons consistently , master your shortgame and hole more putts.
I will also help you lower your score by giving you plans and tips on managing your game out on the golf course, with course vlogs and golf course scenarios, so you know exactly what to do you find yourself in a tricky situation.

On this channel I also make fun and entertaining golf content from golfing trips I go on, showcasing some of the best golf courses and resorts in the world and giving you advice on where to visit and which golf courses to play.

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Enjoy your golf!!


Michael Singh says:

Well said!, 3 mistakes I'm guilty off.

Y L says:

Brushing the tee – thanks!! Really useful tip

Captain Tenneall. says:

I’ve been golfing since I was a kid , but I have been starting to try and kick my game into another gear , your vids are helping me with that . Thank you !

joseph bianco says:

Thanks, Matt!
Now, if I can only do those things…

Darren Australia says:

Congrats 150k

Norm Lang says:

I have taken lessons and played golf for over 50 years (61 yo)…and I just recently discovered that my left wrist was cupped at the top of my backswing. I've fought a slice my whole life.
I started bowing my wrist (a la DJ), and it's completely changed my ball flight. I'm actually hitting baby draws occasionally now, but most shots are now straight as a string.

Wayne Park says:

I really appreciate this video, I have to watch it again! Thanks Matt.

rogelio mendez says:

Feel like a lot of my poor tee shots come from lack of shoulder alignment.

PapaBearChris says:

Love the instruction vidoes, they have helped a lot. Looking forward to getting out to the range or course to implement some things I have learned recently and seeing the benefit in my game. Already gone from regularly hitting in the low 130s to a personal best of 108 recently, just by implementing the tips I see you and others give.

Max Birdsall says:

Love the content watch all the lesson vids. Problem I’m having is moving the ball so far to the front of my stance is catching the ball thin, even trying to change the low point of the swing isn’t helping cause I always want to turn my hands over at a more central position in my stance. Wtf is the answer 😂😂😂

Rohit Varma says:

Anything you say Matty!

Dean Smith says:

Great tutorial Matt, very handy tips , that are so important 👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻

Ben Worthington says:

I've never heard tip 2 explained in that way and now I have had one of those epiphany moment and the reason for my slice makes so much more sense. I've tried strengthen my grip and all the other pieces of advice that you get on YouTube but I think that this was actually the only piece of advice I needed. Can't wait to get to the range again now and see the difference. Thanks

Ralph Bonati says:

I scored a 90 yesterday. My 12th time playing. I’m ready for more intermediate lesson information.

Chris Bates says:

Hitting up on your driver is great if your looking for a high hooking bomb and don’t care about losing it in the bhundu left 🙂 this is a “what you feel isn’t real thing” surely ! once the club head gets pass your hands before impact it’s all going village for definite…..like the content Matt 🙂

Simon Minch says:

Rick helped my slice, Matt will fix the new hook…….

Jack Fellows says:

Great content as always Matt!

Josh 90 says:

Great vid Mr Fryer

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