Want better rhythm, tempo and timing in your golf swing? These 5 drills using the Lag Shot swing Trainer will help you smash drives and make pure ball contact.
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18 thoughts on “THE 5 BEST GOLF DRILLS for PERFECT TEMPO – Lag Shot Golf

  1. I currently fight hooks and smother hooks at worst. My first session with the Lagshot 7-iron was a lot of push fades. My "good" swings with it started right of center and faded a little while the bad ones started well right and faded from there. When I went back to my clubs I started seeing a tight fade. I'm gonna try these drills again today. I'll reply again on session #2. I only have the 7 iron. ?‍♂

  2. These drills were actually great. I had a terrible practice with these when I first got them, just getting out there and swinging. My first session with these drills really helped me find the feel of how to not pull from the top and where to speed up the swing. Felt like a breakthrough in how to stay patient. First time I actually was able to the feel the "slow down to speed up" advice I've been getting for so long. Thanks!

  3. I have all three lag shot clubs. Have been working with them diligently for three months. Doing all the drills recommended for them. They have not helped me at all. At this point I beginning to feel that I have wasted a lot of money that could have been spent on lessons.

  4. I am thinking about buying this or the orange whip to train with while it is cold, or to loosen up before paying. Which one is best? I kinda get this one, becasue you get actual feedback with a real shot, but just confused.

  5. Matt, I have been stuck at step 4 all my life, maybe this will help fix it! I hope so. That wait is hard for me! I go after it from the top, really bad. My son fixed my slice with one lesson, flying elbow, but power is not there! I have had a 4 way neck fusion and 3 lower back surgeries. So my body has more Titanium than any clubs, lol
    Yea, I bought one!

  6. I have the lag shot. I plan to try your drills tomorrow. I think you just hit on a lesson that I hadn’t quit understood yet. Hopefully I see a difference on the course.

  7. Thank you for posting these drills. I just recently purchased the 7 iron and it's expected to arrive tomorrow. So now I have a better idea on how to start training with it. I can't wait to see if it can improve my golf game.

  8. So without trying to sell me this thing…
    It really help my consistency?
    I bought off Amazon, haven’t arrived yet.
    Bought off Amazon for fact that I can just return it after 3 weeks if I find it’s not working.
    If I bought from their website, I was afraid be a hassle to return

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