In this video I will be sharing my current set of clubs as well as my brand new set of irons and wedges that I recently received. I go over all the details and specs as well as my reasoning behind my choices of clubs.

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  1. Nice content. Reviews are always subjective, so a discerning viewer will know. You cannot please everyone. Haters will always be haters. Keep it up

  2. The fact that such a fine coach and player like him isnt sponsored by the big brands should tell you guys the state of golf equipment in Singapore.
    Glad Takomo has given you some attention.
    Fitting is still stuck in the 80s here except for Titleist. You guys wont believe how pathetic callaway, taylormade and cobra are in Singapore. Ping is only marginally better.

    Titleist is miles better here and thats why it is doing so well here among the more avid golfers.

  3. Always loved how you game and hit that mizuno driver, the blue stands out so much in your videos.
    Hoping Takomo offer the 50/54/58 setup that is getting really common now because of stronger iron lofts
    Would have also like it alot more if they could stamp your wedges and offer different colour paint fill and ferrules.

  4. Did you order directly online or were you able to test the irons in a fitting bay? This is the issue with Takomo, no one has them to test but they receive great reviews. What is the difficulty in playing golf in Singapore, the lack of courses, the price or the season?

  5. I have 301 cb mb combo set which replaced my Mizuno MP 62s. All clubs are marketed big names or not. My decision was based on independent comments/reviews. I did buy heads only and then got shafts custom fit by Club Champion golf in the UK which was great. Seriously could not be happier. My fitter’s opinion was that they’re a forged iron entirely comparable to name brands – if you like the look you’re good to go. We tested multiple similar CB irons and my numbers were all very similar. The shaft was the main difference. I’m getting great results on the course but it’s mid winter so looking forward to some better conditions in the spring.

  6. Gorgeous looking irons. Are they old school lofts or the more modern ‘stronger’ lofts? That would make it difficult to bridge the gap between your new 4 iron and old 3 iron.

  7. I have 2016 PING driver, PING Crossover 3-4 , still have PING ISI irons which play just as good if not better than similar irons. A good tradesman can use any tools.

  8. Hi I’m a senior at Virginia Tech taking an entrepreneurship class and need 5 casual golfers to interview. Please let me know if you’re interested it would really help me out!

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