I've Tried ALL The New 2024 Clubs & THIS Is What You NEED TO KNOW…

I've Tried ALL The New 2024 Clubs & THIS Is What You NEED TO KNOW… When it comes to buying golf clubs in 2024 were about to kick off with a bang… we have all seen the rumours of new golf clubs on the market from Tiger Woods, Rory Mcilroy and Colin all using the new TaylorMade Qi10Max driver or Taylormade Qi10 LS driver… To the rumoured new 2024 Ping G430 10k driver and even the new Callaway Paradym AI Smoke driver on the horizon… what will these driver look like? what will be the best driver of 2024? which new driver should you buy in 2024? In this video I talk through a few points on which you should consider when buying new golf clubs and getting fitted for new golf clubs in 2024…

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  1. He says “what you need to know “ then he hits an iron and doesn’t tell you what iron , hits a putter and doesn’t say which kind then he talks a lot about himself and nothing. Who cares about his opinion just give us facts . Poorly done . Please don’t put out another video.

  2. James, for me I have gotten back into the game this year after suffering a back injury that has sidelined me for many years. My clubs are quite old, and technology has changed significantly over those years. My irons are Mizuno Tzoid True blades, which to be honest are to hard for me to play now but they do allow me to get on the course. I am hoping to get new irons this year that are more forgiving to help my game improve.

  3. I always wait some time until most stuff is released otherwise, it's just "noise" and very confusing. I enjoy watching you testing and giving your honest opinion and would like if you could (generally) give your opinion as to who some clubs etc. might suit. I know for a fact that I (as a 15 handicapper) can't use bladed irons so, that sort of thing. Keep up the good work and Happy New Year.

  4. Last year was the first year I've updated my entire bag in years. Initially I was blown away by the new clubs thinking the technology had advanced so far making my old clubs obsolete. Come to find out it had more to do with the companies jacking the lofts so much that they are now a whole club stronger. What really blew me away was the entire fitting process. I used to fit and build clubs many years ago. The golf fitting industry has come light years since then. There are more options than ever before along with the ability to get a complete bag fitting. The amount and level of information fitters can get with the latest simulators is amazing. Knowing my clubs are suited for me and my swing made the most impact on my game.

  5. I was custom fitted for Mizuno JPX 921 HM early 2022. Standard loft n lie, KBS shaft reg. Went for some more lessons recently & GC quad showed every shot toe down? Next custom fit might have to be a bit more detailed. Thinking PXG….

  6. So have you dropped the triple diamond?? Did you walk out with the TPT shaft in the Titlest head that you loved on the shaft fitting video?? Is it NOW in the bag??

  7. I am an equipment guy. But i'm still in the 2022 stuff. Didn't feel the 2023 stuff was an upgrade at all. Still play callaway rogue st max ls driver and max 3 wood. And mizuno pro flihi 3 iron, 225 4 and 5 iron and 223 6-pw vokey sm9 50/55/60 wedges and a ping anser 2D putter. Swapped the numbers on my hdc last year started as a 8.5 and now 5.8. Highlight of the season was a level par 70 in a strokeplay tournament.

  8. looks like a lot of people have commented on the start of the vid so i will just say its refreshing to hear, nice touch of honesty, held the price though those pings maybe because ping aren’t bringing a new driver out i wonder, i’m at 14.8 hc now after a tough winter so my goal is try to get to 10 this year ill let you know how close i get sept time lol if your interested, actually just had a thought you could maybe log a few down see how it goes the goalammeter ????

  9. I know this is the wrong video to comment on, but i just watched your shaft fitting video last night.

    The one problem i have with these kind of vids, is that they are never apples to apples.

    The first thing the fitter did was put you in a tit-less head. I think he should in the head you were using or get the same head in the loft that he recommended for you.

    Imop, that fitting is no good unless you're gonna buy that shaft and new head. Right? Every fitting that I've seen, they will pigeon hole you into something that they like.

    A true fitting could take hours to go through all the heads, shafts, weight, stiffness and for me, the most important is the actual grip.

    Anyway, i love what you do. Entertaining, informative and fun.

    Happy New Years from beautiful central California . Where we play almost year around.

  10. I love all your videos. I went back and watched some of your earlier ones and I will say you have gotten better with production values and the like. You come across like a buddy and that and your entertainment value makes all your videos informative. keep it going.

  11. Good tips. Play for fun is so important IMO. I got a set of Ping ISI irons last summer, cleaned them up, new grips, and just like that golf was fun again.

  12. 49 in 10 days time
    My driver is a Taylor made R5 Dual, that was the last new club bought (around the time of Noah’s ark)
    Constantly hit 260/270 yard drives
    My clubs, ping eye 2

    Upper body fitness, keeping fit,strong, supple and healthy
    with out that in place a £500 driver it ££££ clubs isn’t gonna give you extra yards if you want to progress
    or better still go back to basics and just master hitting it straight and pin point

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