Jack Nicklaus Swing Slow Motion

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Paul Gilbert says:

Jack had the most beautiful "big swing" ever. See 0:39. Probably the most beautiful "small swing" would be Ben Hogan… Tight… tight-tight as Tuco would say.

Paul Gilbert says:

0:39 This is perfection. I cant imagine a more beautiful position at the top.

Freakin Creeks says:

Lil off balance on that last swing

general grant says:

That 1st swing. I think he tore the cover off that ball with that small wooden head.

T G says:

At 0:51 you can really see how he violently pulls his left shoulder up while simultaneously straightening his left leg to whip the club into the ball.

MrBurns says:

That’s how he won 20 majors

Street-wise Smart-bomb says:

The GOAT 🐐

T G says:

If you take it back more vertical like Jack did, then when the right hip moves out during the start of the downswing, the club naturally lays off and the swing becomes flatter. If you take it back more flat, then the start of the downswing makes the club naturally want to come over the top.

Devlins10 says:

Dude was savage.

B R says:

Amazing player. It looks like he falls backward a bit, I noticed for the first time.

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