Kyle Berkshire Slow Motion Swing

TV Coverage of Kyle’s slow motion swing. 2019 long drive winning drive.

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8 thoughts on “Kyle Berkshire Slow Motion Swing

  1. Best long drive swing to emulate right now. Don't forget the quick backswing should be ratio and proportion to the downswing unlike a Hideki Matsuyama slow backswing.

  2. He's balanced all his weight on his right leg and swings wide and vertical.
    The right hip fires first, then almost immediately his right elbow dives to that hip, so it feels like you are elbowing yourself in the butt.

    The wrists are lose, only left fore finger is holding and club head stays on the path to the right. Its all about maintaining extreme angles, his target is the moon.

  3. Appropriate golf swings are about learning how and why they are performed and those things are evident in golf swing techniques , Jοmtοnο Naha (Go ogle it). My irons improved 15 yards and my driver raised twenty-five after I done reading the guide for the 2nd time. Because of these developments, I`m more confident and I am having more fun with golfing.

  4. Unreal. I am twice this guys size and probably twice his strength but his technique is flawless. If i could only get this good technically. Unbelievable skill and art to his drive.

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