Jason Day's Best Driving Tips | TaylorMade Golf

Major champ and Team TaylorMade's Jason Day breaks down his favorite driving tips with Piers and Andy from Me and My Golf in this exclusive golf instructional piece from our 2020 athlete photoshoot.

Find more from Me and My Golf here: https://tmgolf.co/MAMGhome

24 thoughts on “Jason Day's Best Driving Tips | TaylorMade Golf

  1. I just finished reading these golf swing secrets , Jοmtοnο Naha (Go ogle it) last week before heading out and placing the routines to the test. Never imagined that after actively playing for 30 years, my swinging skill could still be improved. In addition to that, the practice drills also helped optimize some small but critical positions that I used to think didn’t matter.

  2. So fun! Great guy Jason, I'd do better then those two guys driving, not the right technique for distance. Peter Cowen gives the best tips for that.

  3. Loved this video. Big fan of Jason’s. I always enjoy hearing his insight and thought process. He keeps the game simple.
    I think he has a place in the Muirfield complex, in Dublin just outside of Columbus Ohio. It’s Jack’s course for the Memorial. I’m from down the road in Cincinnati. Jason If you ever wanted to make just a regular guys dream come true, I’d love to play around with you. Heck I’d play 9 holes. Who am I kidding? I’d Play one hole. Lol.

  4. It would be better if they were communicating with each other in a way that normal humans understand. The hosts should stop and say "jason meant this when he said…" Just saying…lol

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