Jason Dufner Golf Swing: How to Get Perfect Impact

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Jason Dufner Golf Swing: How to Get Perfect Impact (Golf's #1 Lag Instructor)

What a Pga Championship! Tiger Woods comes straight off a win to play very poorly at a finish of +4. The usually dead solid Jim Furyk falls back with an over par round on the final day. But the stone cold Jason Dufner pulls off the win for his first major championship.

I am sure most of you have noticed Dufners' anything vut orthodox setup, or his weird waggle. You may have missed his textbook impact psitions and fantastic release though. The long time Ben Hogan fan got it right with his nearly perfect swing through the hitting zone.

In this video I will go over the keys to his success along with a video on how to get rid of your chicken wing forever!

I look forward to working with you on your game!

Clay Ballard

11 thoughts on “Jason Dufner Golf Swing: How to Get Perfect Impact

  1. Hello Tom. I do an analysis of every PGA Tour Winner throughout the year.
    Jason demonstrates fantastic technique through impact and a good example to
    copy. I see many people struggle with the chicken wing, and this is a great
    demonstration of the correct technique and how it may differ from their
    swing. If you do not struggle with the chicken wing, this may not be for
    you. Good luck with your game. ~Clay Ballard.

  2. Thanks. There will be a small amount of cup in the left wrist during the
    takeaway so that the club will remain square. Watch the “Right Wrist in the
    Takeaway” video on the site, which goes over this directly. Good luck with
    your game! ~Clay Ballard

  3. Nice review. I love JD’s swing. One comment about the set up of his hands
    and the takeaway with the cup in his wrist: An instructor I know sometimes
    teaches this move to prevent a tendency in some players to roll the club
    face too shut early in the takeaway, which can lead to an inside and flat
    position with the shaft at the halfway back area (kind of like Ai Miazato
    does). This may be why Jason has adopted this, to keep from getting the
    shaft low, flat, and too inside on the takeaway.

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