JB Holmes – Slow motion video – how to create lag

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To understand LAG better, check out this video.

Tyler Ferrell breaks down how JB Holmes creates 122mph club head speed with a less than “full” swing. This video will help you understand how lag is created and transferred and what you have to do differently to create more in your own game.

It is not created from more vertical hinge in the downswing.


Ira Shoff says:

Based on comments, more people are confused after watching the video than before watching the video.

Higby Prigby says:

Excellent video.

Joe Peinado says:

No finished swing ?

MrBrokentowels says:

And that’s where Cory Pavin falls a little bit short, no pun intended?

Brian says:

can you let the fucking video play please

Jason Troutman says:

Is the club kept behind you as a result of a good pivot and start to downswing or is it more a manipulation of forearm rotation?

Forrest Gardener says:

A really interesting analysis particularly the shaft being perpendicular to the shoulders late in the downswing. I wonder whether this is common among top players.

Woden of the Angles says:

This addressed an aspect of the swing seldom discussed. Great stuff.

Gmonkey says:

Is the good player swinging around his right side? Bad player swinging around the centre of his back ???

Johnny Parker says:

At 4:00 overhead view shows ball position well outside of left foot. Please explain.

fly 13 says:

Good analysis. The overhead view spoke volumes. I saw an interview with JB where he indicated his release was way out in front of the ball (shown by the clubhead catching up with his chest in your video) and in his view, was key to generating his clubhead speed.

JD says:

Jack Nicklaus said HE could release from the top fast enough and HE is the greatest golfer of all time… how does that make any sense by you teaching someone to LAG< have you ever looked up the word "RELEASE" in the english dialect?

George Maliga says:

Thanks for this presentation. Based on this discussion, lag needs to be comprehended as a fluid multidimensional force.

T Schwis says:

Look at JB’s ball position when showing the overhead camera. It’s ahead of his left foot. That’s so far forward.

Golden Gate says:

i always thought "behind you" meant that you were "stuck" … can you clarify ….

Joel Nall says:

Lets c an old mans swing. Who can hit 260. A70 yr. Old.

SixStudio says:

Thank You Golf Smart Academy. I'm a 6.2 handicap and always thought lag was to hinge and hold your wrist. But after watching your video, I saw the light 🙂 This video totally changed my game. On Trackman I would carry my 7iron 157 to 160yard on average with my old swing. Now with your concept applied, I'm carrying my 7iron 172 to 175 yards on average.. no joke.. My 5 iron is starting to carry 191 to 193.. Thank you so much for this revelation..

onespeed says:

3:39 holy crap the ball is outside his left foot.

David Webb says:

awesome -had always thought lag was wrist hinge. Really mind blowing.

Manny Arenas says:

Great analysis. Thank you!

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