16 thoughts on “Sergio Garcia swing vision slow motion

  1. People commenting that the increase in lag angle is an optical illusion are like flat earthers. They can't do it or prove that it can be done therefore it must not exist.
    There are several YouTube video analysis with 3d models of tour pros and they absolutely increase their lag angles at the beginning of their downswing.

    Most golfers are simply not athletic enough to understand how to get this type of lag. Not because they can't do it at the top, they can't do it thru impact. Their amateur swings release the club way before the pros just so that they can make contact with the ball.

    A perfect example of this athleticism is Joaquin Niemann and Wilcom Nienaber… they are limber enough to deepen their hips away from the ball while maintaining their spine anlge thru impact. Amateurs simply can't do that.

    Also, although Sergio doesn't do this, lag angle is increased with the increased wrist flexion (bowed wrist). Again, 99.99999% of golfers can't bow their wrists, especially not thru impact.

  2. Does kostis really believe Sergio is ‘creating’ that angle on the downswing? If the camera angle was slightly lower would he then try to tell us that Sergio has hinged his wrists to 0 degrees? Amazing how the guy coaches pros and then spouts this stuff

  3. @ theNYgolfer… bingo, good observation. He does create a little more lag, but the flattening of his swing makes it appear to be a LOT more lag, and it isn't.

  4. Costats sucks, but focus on his head position throughout the swing… I'v been struggling with this, sergio stays behind the ball so well.

  5. That is seriously the deadliest position I've ever seen. You can't get much more perfect, insofar as shallowing the club and lagging it for the most powerful release possible. I and most other golfers, do the exact opposite. My first move is to tighten my hands and shoulder, break the angle with no lag. The result is a club that has bottomed out too early and has a failed release point. Impact then suffers and the hands are seen actually behind where they were at address, at impact. I suck

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