Lag Secret

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zeez kkb says:

Easy to say…lag…chicken wing and so on…. so hard to get it rightπŸ€”πŸ€”πŸ€”

QH Nguyen says:

I've played golf for more than 20 years with lessons from so called PGA instructors. I have had 4 instructors and none of them teach me better than you do. It's unfortunate that I didn't find you earlier. Thanks so much for your lessons. You're simply the best in my book !!!

eaacowboys says:

hi Christene, in the transition from the backswing to the downswing, creates lag, you have to toss the club like Jackie Burke and Jimmy Ballard, with the right hip towards the target. Ummmp power is created. You do not have to swing the arms, it just follows, because you are using the ground to create the power. tnx EdA

0331 says:

Like patting my head and rubbing my stomach at same time, just cant be done

3 Putt says:

What does passive shoulders look like versus what active shoulders look like? Are you talking about the shoulders coming over the top?

3 Putt says:

You are an exciting woman Christine! I get so excited watching and listening to your golf videos! I want to marry you! Will you marry me Christine?

Pauline Murray says:

I’ve watched quite a variety of videos on the different parts of the golf swing but I find yours, speaking for myself, the most comprehensive. I download them so I can really learn at my own pace. Thank you so much for your great videos. I can’t wait to put them into practice on the golf course. πŸ‘Œ

BuFenuF says:

Where players go off is that they don’t watch CR β€˜s excellent videos. Hat’s off to the great work you do!

Vim9654 Mitt says:

Shift weight forward, drop the club in slot followed by hips rotation . Got it.

IT DeVilliers says:

Hi Christine, this is one of the best ever instructions that I have tried and that I understand/believe in. Many thanks

Phillip Ismay says:

Great…is this only for irons? Hybrid? Not driver…

Eddie Gibson says:

Great explanation!

chillier says:

Love how short and to the point these are!

Darrin Bulger says:

I have never commented on a you tube video until now. This is with out a doubt the best description of β€œthe move” I have ever seen! Thanks

STARKE says:

keeping your back to the target is another way

Julie Rader says:

Great advice on the passive shoulders!! You give great shot lessons!! Thx!!

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