Kevin Na has an argument with his caddy on the course

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wreckim says:

That same caddy was handed the Keyes to a classic Car by Na.

T mo says:

caddie was right but pro golfers aim at the crowd sometimes to get a free drop. Without the free drops, they would play a different shot. How many people did Arnie hit?

Pasan H says:

You just gotta play it off the foot!

Sum Ego says:

For this, Kenny gets a ‘73 Challenger.

Steve Brawner says:

I have caddied a few times in pro tournaments, I think the caddie player relationship is different for every team. Some pros just want numbers and clean clubs, some want 2nd opinions on putt lines, some want the caddie to pick the club the line and everything else but swing the club. I have been in that situation and it's my opinion when the pro decides on the club, the caddie even if he doesn't agree has to give the pro some confidence and say yes great club just make a great swing. At the end of the day, every caddie is out there to make the pros job easier and take crap from the pro when things don't go right, if you have thin skin, caddying is not the job for you.

matt lim says:



Next caddie up

Mr C says:

I was Kevin right? He got a free drop and then made a miracle chip- the Caddie was right

Alex Donald says:

Backboards for everyone or play out of the stands haha

Minien says:

The most excitement this sport has ever seen.

Jay python says:

Na – "Just as long as you're ok with this club."

Caddie – " No. I'm not ok with it."

Na – "well fuck you Kenny I'm hitting it anyway."

Jay Bennett says:

No guys, Kevin Na was not right and damn lucky he had the free drop. But he sure made up for his mistake quickly – 61 whoa – lucky and good!

Everett01 says:

I love that they have this bickering argument where he ignores the guy's advice then he says "…as long as you're okay with this club."

Crazy Experiments - Will it Flush & More says:

He was like “Na brah”

88Beats says:

5 iron huh, wellp. You’re fired.

Eric Hoover says:

99% of the time the caddie speaks up about something, they're on point.

Soffwan Nair says:

He made birdie .. na 1 – kenny 0 ..

deez zzz says:

Just shut up Kenny

iwannaseenow1 says:

caddie should re-enforce the golfer's confidence, not undermine it. before he hits the shot the caddie said he's not alright with it, etc. hope na fired his ass.

motoz30 says:

immense talent. mental midget. dime-a-dozen pga grinder.

Barr3LtoURdome says:

im surprised this hasn't gotten more views thats one way to show someone up lol

smith jones says:

It's not an augument , it's a discussion

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