Learning the Moe Norman Golf swing, Free tips for faster learning.

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More info on the Moe Norman Free Video Training Series at the following link. http://moenormangolf.com/aff/link.html?w=opg&p=kirkjunge

For training aids to speed the learning process please visit http://moenormangolf.com/aff/link.html?w=store&p=kirkjunge
I recommend “the feeling of greatness” practice club, and the Alignment ball position trainer very highly. They helped me speed up my improvement. when using the aids each time you practice you cannot grip the club incorrectly, and your stance is always perfect.

Interested in hands on instruction in Moe’s swing visit http://moenormangolf.com/aff/link.html?w=mnghp&p=kirkjunge

For Moe Norman Golf swing lessons in West Palm Beach, Florida please visit my website at http://learninggolf.tv/about-us/private-lessons/

Moe Norman discovered the easiest way to swing a golf club, and anybody can learn to swing like he did. You will learn to hit longer and straighter golf shots. All you need to do is to copy his setup, which includes his grip, and stance. Follow the swing drills to learn his swing. In a short time you too will have “the feeling of greatness”.

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Garth Downton says:

There key elements to Moe’s swing that I never see or hear instructors
address . Moe makes comments such as : free as a bird, the left hand does
nothing, no twisting muscles, my swing balances me etc. I have not let go
of these comments. If you are not experiencing these than you must go back
to the drawing board. IMO there is no video that explains 2 absolutes to
Moe’s swing. These absolutes are unique to you and you alone!! That is why
Moe stated that you cannot teach someone HIS swing. If you have his exact
physical dimensions then no problem. Enjoy the challenge, this is what Moe
would want! When your swing matches Moe’s comments,THEN U HAVE IT!!! Best
of luck to all the warriors!!

rodney clark says:

moe was right you can hit the ball easier in the sweet spot and the ball
will go farther and straighter going straighter will surely lower your
score. you just have to have the intestional fortitude to try it and not
worry about how it looks.

Garth Downton says:

I agree 100%. Each individual must know how their body dimensions affect
set up. I am 58, 5ft.9, 175 lb.,34in.waste,no natural atheletic skill,
broad shouldered. After 3yrs.of effort I finally pieced together, this does
not help the next person!! I can only say that until I figured out how to
have preset angles at address I was going nowhere . These correct angles
for me allow the summation of forces into the hitting area. My point is the
angles I use may not be same for the next player based on their dimensions,
each must find THEIR angles of attack. Moe stated that he was never
tied-up. IMO until I had my preset angles at set correct, the correct angle
into the hitting area could not be repeated. Please keep up the good
work,it is a wonderful game. Without the option of a different approach to
the game I would quite years ago. I was lucky enough to see Moe hit balls
over 30 yrs. ago. I was a “Hogan” disciple, with some success. Only wish I
knew then what I know now!! Take care, you are attempting to instruct the
genius way ahead of his time!!

Renu Landage says:

I am right hand golfer. My question is which hand ( right or left) I should
keep same plane @ set up. For right hand golfer left hand should keep same
plane. I mean straight line with shraft

Art A says:

Kirk is one of the best instructors I’ve met on-line. He’s an amazing
person to share his knowledge for golfers that either enjoy playing the
game or at competitive levels like me. Great job Kirk!!!

Terry Wittek says:

what course in west palm?

Kenneth Span says:

Hi Kirk. I’m new to golf. Been trying to learn for 3 years and I think that
system is for me. The question I want to ask. Do you tilt your body at
address or turn your shoulder? Thanks. 

Isaac Workman says:

When i hit the ball with this swing it goes strait but i lose 30 -40 yards
any tips.

moses manamela says:

ever since I started using the single plane swing I do get the distance,
but once I hit the davit I get less distance your tips on short irons work
like a bomb. the other problem I have is putting, with chipping I turned to
use my body that where I shank most. 

dalessandrelli says:

Hi Kirk, i’m a new subscriber to your channel having discovered your
videos. I’ve been struggling with consistency using a conventional swing,
and about to embark on a journey to try single plane golf. So my question
is do I need to have a feeling of swinging on more flatter plane than a
conventional swing ?
I have tried single plane at the range ball flight starts left of target
and spins further to the left , any tips to fix that ?
Seems i have problem with both swing path and club face control.
Many Thanks
Danny, from UK.

wholebrainplanet says:

I enjoy the videos on the Moe Norman swing. Please keep posting.

TheGuitarMagician says:

When I try to perform the swing, I hook the ball. I don’t know what to do.
Any pointers?

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