Left Arm Action for Incredible Distance!

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In this video, Steve shows you 3 left arm actions that make up a powerful golf swing, and where things can go wrong.

Using these basic tips, you will increase your clubhead speed with your driver!

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Vim9654 Mitt says:

Throw freesbee from left arm is the golf swing.

Tim MacDermot says:

I assume this advice works for all clubs?

Pang Terence says:

Just before the impact of the ball, do you pull harder on the left hand then the right hand?.

Nunus Home says:

Great video, questions the same principle applies for irons?

Brad Hunter says:

Really exciting to watch. Even a moron like me got your message. Your lesson was captivating. Gave me the confidence and eagerness to practice this in the nets like… right away!

Danny Kiser says:

I’m 60,6’6, retired and in good shape. My drives are 230 -240. How much of an increase in distance could I expect by emulating your swing

Troy Schnack says:

This is the best explanation I’ve ever seen. I’ve tried to understand this movement for years.

staffan144 says:

Nick Faldo youtube adds are everywhere (on every golf video)

alex john says:

Thanks this really helped a left handed ,but right swinging player !

doubledown1390 says:

Info starts at 1:30.

Johnathon McMullen says:

Outstanding thanks for the simplicity 👍🏿

J W says:

Still watching this vid right before I play or during a range session. Great stuff man!

Stuart Burgess says:

Steve you are amazing. I wish you were our pro on my course

A & T Tech Outdoors says:

Good video. Subbed you

Peter says:

How do I buy the ball on the stick for these drills? Is there anything I can use to replace that tool (obviously besides a golf club)

Stevie says:

This is golden information

Peter says:

Are you using a strong or neutral grip?

Luton Busdriver says:

Not seen this concept before, really looking forward to trying thse tips out on the range. 👍

Dustin Ho says:

Hi Steve, I would imagine off the fairway or iron swing would be the same principle, rigth?

Brian says:

The Golf swing is one thing: The Holy Spirit

William Reichert says:

So the action that gets the club head moving is the counter clockwise rotation of the left hand. Arm speed is not needed.

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