GOLF: How The Left Arm Rotates In The Golf Swing

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18 thoughts on “GOLF: How The Left Arm Rotates In The Golf Swing

  1. I’m slightly confused. Mike Malaska says no forearm rotation, just throw the ball with the right hand. Then he has a video saying the left arm is a rotator. I have been working on the throw the ball concept to minimize clubface rotation and the need for perfect timing. This video says lots of rotation…well which is it?!?

  2. This one really was the holy grail for me. I was told for years that toe-up to toe-up was the golf equivalent of cancer. I believed it, locked out my forearm rotation, and couldn't square the club for a decade.

  3. Hi Eric thanks for the video. You will never supinate or Pronate the forearms if you grip the club too tightly. End result all wrist action. Which unfortunately amateurs do. Thanks Again Eric. Love your lessons

  4. I absolutely love the over head view with the chop stick! This angle shows the rotation of the arms the best in my opinion. Great job gentleman!

  5. The supination in the downswing makes ton of sense, but what about the backswing? I’ve always been worried about opening or fanning the face open by adding lead arm pronation into the backswing.

  6. Great content as always, Eric. One question: in the takeaway, and knowing the forearm can rotate independently of the upper arm, is it just the lead forearm that pronates to P1 or is it a subtle pronation of the whole arm? Hope that makes sense.

  7. Eric, thank you for introducing me to John Dunigan. I watched your series with him, and I have since subscribed to his channel and watched a ton of his videos. In one of John's videos, he related the motion of the right hand to a forehand in tennis. The concept of swinging the golf club as if I'm trying to put top spin on a tennis ball has done wonders for my compression and dynamic loft. I have seen some of your videos where a drill relates to other sports, i.e. the hockey slapshot. Why aren't more golf instructors using the tennis analogies? Because I know if it helped me, it would surely help higher handicappers. Thanks Eric, you're the best

  8. Great video! How should I think of this as it relates to shallowing at transition up top? Should it be shallow and then rotate through impact? I found myself getting steeper when trying this out.

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